Conrad Kain Hut

Central Columbia Mountains, British Columbia

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Conrad Kain Hut


  • Exiting the forest to the view of Marmolata in the distance. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • The trail steepens and involves climbing steel ladders and walking along narrow ledges. It isn't especially scary, but it is challenging with heavy packs. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • The sub alpine trees just beneath the hut.- Conrad Kain Hut
  •  It's hard to to be distracted by the views once you arrive at the hut. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • Looking out the front door toward Marmolata.- Conrad Kain Hut
  • Cooking at one of the two kitchen islands in the hut. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • Seated at the dinning area in the morning. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • There is a glacier runoff that passes near the hut down into the valley. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • Looking at the side of the hut. - Conrad Kain Hut
  • From atop the Big Boulder just outside the hut. - Conrad Kain Hut
Overview + Weather
Comfortable. Makes accessing Bugaboos easy. Only need to bring food and sleeping bag.
Crowded. Adds a 40-minute hike to your day compared to Applebee Campsite. Mainly for climbers (not intended as a hiking destination).
Central Columbia Mountains, BC
Frequently full
Pets allowed: 
3.96 km (2.46 mi)
Year round: 
Open from: 
June 13 to September 19
Parking Pass: 
National or state forest pass
Price per night: 
Reservations possible: 
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Reservation phone number: 
1 (403) 678-3200
Property Description

Property Description

Pro Contributor

Conrad Kain Hut is the main lodging point in the Bugaboos Provincial Park. It is an iconic hut that is open only for the rather short alpine summer season to help climbers tackle some of North America's best alpine climbing. In the spirit of it's audacious namesake, the Austrian guide Conrad Kain, the hut is perched on a knoll next to large cliff looking out over the vallley. While getting to the hut is not especially easy, for those looking for some of the world's best rock climbing, it's well worth it. 

People come to the Bugaboos for alpine climbing. Bugaboo Spire, both by the Kain Route and the Northwest Ridge, is both iconic and one of North America's most classic objectives. Snowpatch Spire is a less iconic but equally a superb route. Pigeon Spire, often cited as the best 5.4 climb in the world, is located just around the corner. And then there is the Howser Towers and the Becky-Chouinard. Basically, this is an alpine climbers paradise. 

There has been a growth in hikers to the area because the remarkable beauty of the park is hard to ignore. Be warned, though; it is very, very crowded. If you're here for the hiking, it's not to much further to cross East Post Pass and descend to Cobalt Lake Campground. It's equally beautiful there, plus you don't have to deal with an army of trad gear slinging and clanging climbers getting up at 3 a.m. every morning. 

The hut itself is exceptionally well maintained thanks to the presence of a permanent custodian. They update the weather and ensure everything runs smoothly. Most are hesitant to hand out beta, though, as they know guides and enough about liability to be tight lipped about such matters. You can always try and ask the guides in the hut instead, as their professional experience affords them more protections. 

The sleeping quarters are on two floors; the lower has the larger and more comfortable mattresses, and the upper level has thinner mattresses. Overall the hut fits 35 people, so it gets pretty crammed. 

The kitchen is divided into two islands with cupboards all round. Feel free to select a shelf of your own, but don't take more than that. And stay vigilant about the mice. They will get to anything that is unprotected. The islands have at least two double gas burners apiece, which makes many people cooking at the same time fairly straightforward. The dining area is set up almost like a restaurant on the other side of the hut; it has long tables and an incredible view looking out over the valley.

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