Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem

Central Columbia Mountains, British Columbia

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Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem


  • Smoggy fires have made it harder to see the hotel in recent years from across the lake. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • The beachfront where rental canoes and kayaks abound. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • The distinctive turret of the Three Valley Gap Hotel. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • The parking lot beside the highway. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • A train set beside the ghost town. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • One of the trains in the yard.- Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • Looking across the lakefront. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • Lake view in the August fire season. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
  • Looking into the ghost town. - Three Valley Gap Hotel + Musuem
Overview + Weather
Convenient location between Vancouver and Calgary. Musuem.
Kinda creepy.
Central Columbia Mountains, BC
Rarely full
Pets allowed: 
Yes, with restrictions
Year round: 
Open from: 
April 25 to October 25
Parking Pass: 
General Day Use Fee
Price per night: 
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Property Description

Property Description

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Driving along the Trans Canada Highway through the deep glacial valleys of the Monoshees is always a beautiful experience. The winding roads pass by marshes, incredible rock formations, and no small amount of eccentric tourist traps. The Three Valley Gap Hotel is the most spectacular as you wind along a broad lake and the conical turrets of the hotel give it a sense of grandeur from across the water. The luster fades as you approach and you find yourself looking at a kind of Overlook Hotel on a budget. 

The hotel itself maintains a late 70s vibe and has decor to match. The views are spectacular lakeside, but otherwise it has all the charm and distinction of Travelodge. 

What does set the hotel apart is their musuem in the back property. It's one of BCs few private musuems and is essentially a ghost town style layout. Multiple houses from the early 20th century along with vehicles and a host of trains make for a interesting spot to stretch your legs. It's great for kids, and it paints an illuminating picture of life in the Columbia mountains way back when.

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