Agate Beach

Patrick's Point State Park

Humboldt, California

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Agate Beach


  • Walking down to Agate Beach. - Agate Beach
  • A few stairs make up the last section of trail.- Agate Beach
  • A sunrise reflection in a pool of water.- Agate Beach
  • Light rays pierce through the trees.- Agate Beach
  • Looking north on a beautiful sunny day.- Agate Beach
  • Waves retreat from the rocks on the southern end of this beach.- Agate Beach
  • Agates collected on this beach in one day.- Agate Beach
  • Waves wash up on shore during a hazy morning.- Agate Beach
  • A wave gently meets a burried stump.- Agate Beach
  • Day's last light over the entire beach.- Agate Beach
  • Walking back through the tunnel of trees.- Agate Beach
  • - Agate Beach
Overview + Weather
Agates. Great for beach combing.
Humboldt, CA
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Sandy beach
Pebbly beach
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Agate Beach is the only sandy beach within Patrick's Point State Park, which otherwise has a rugged and rocky coastline. The beach stretches far to the north where it becomes Big Lagoon County Beach. To the south the beach quickly turns into the more characteristic rocky cliffs found around Patrick's Point State Park. The rest of Agate Beach is backed by tall silty cliffs with exception of the small canyon where the access trail leads. This sandy and pebbly beach is most popular for the hunting of agates.

Despite some common myths, agates are not pieces of glass that have been smoothed out which can be found on Glass Beach along the Mendocino Coast. Instead, an agate is a rock formed from cryptocrystalline silica (minute silica crystals). The crystals of agates found on Agate Beach are so small that they cannot usually be seen with the naked eye and instead form a clear glass-like rock with bands of color. The most common colors of agates found on agate beach are white/clear, rose, and orange. Beachcombers typically search for agates early morning after a high tide event when the waves have cleared. Careful inspection can often yield small agates while sifting through the pebble bunches that have been above the high tide level for quite some time.

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