Travertine Hot Springs

Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, California

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Travertine Hot Springs


  • Travertine is very popular, and visitors should expect to share a pool.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Limestone buildup at the source of Travertine Hot Springs. - Travertine Hot Springs
  • Travertine Hot Springs is just 10 minutes from Bridgeport.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • The prominent fissure helps visitors locate Travertine Hot Springs from the road.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Iron carbonate has turned this travertine red and orange.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Steam pours off of the source of Travertine Hot Springs.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Hot water runs into three pools at Travertine.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Travertine is a form of limestone built up from minerals in spring water.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Algae coats the limestone formations at Travertine Hot Springs.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • Before bringing the kids, it's good to note that visitors to Travertine Hot Springs often bathe in the nude.- Travertine Hot Springs
  • - Travertine Hot Springs
Overview + Weather
Multiple tubs with varied temperatures. Great views.
Crowded. Nudists.
Eastern Sierra + White Mountains Area, CA
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Parking Pass: 
Not Required
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description


Because it is easily accessed from Highway 395, Travertine Hot Springs is one of the Eastern Sierra’s most popular geothermal locations. Stunning Sierra views and relaxing waters reward visitors who take the short dirt road detour. Pool floors are lined with rich gray travertine mud that is touted for its restorative properties.

A natural spring sends hot water bubbling to the surface, where it is diverted into small pools of varying temperatures. An ADA-accessible improved cement tub is closest to the parking area and suitable for larger groups of four to eight people. Continue down the pathway behind the restrooms to discover three smaller natural pools that each fit up to three people.

The springs can become quite crowded when cooler temperatures prevail, so be prepared to share a tub. If you are traveling with children or are particularly modest, it should be noted that many visitors enjoy Travertine in the nude.

Although close to the town of Bridgeport, the road to Travertine is not well marked. The gravel road diverges several times before the destination, so have a look at the accompanying directions to confirm your route. 

The road is not maintained in winter, and heavy snowfall cuts off access to the springs.

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