Hike-in Required
Open Year-round
Water Temperature
100.00 °F (37.78 °C)
Sensitive Habitat
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If you are in the area for some of the beautiful and grueling hikes in the eastern Sierra's Sawtooth Range, your weary bones will no doubt appreciate this thermal respite. Tucked between the banks of Buckeye Creek and a steep sidewall you'll find the three pools of Buckeye Hot Springs fed by the constant flow of hot water that pours down from the springs above. It's a little like a warm waterfall, and the sound and aesthetic of the scene beside this calm creek relaxes the soul as the warm water relaxes the body. When the heat becomes too much, take a quick hop over the improvised rock walls and plunge into Buckeye Creek to cool off and prepare for another round in the warm pools. This is a truly beautiful place to soak.

Buckeye Hot Springs are near the town of Bridgeport and the Twin Lakes recreation area, so the area does get some attention both from tourists and locals. While not as popular as nearby Travertine Hot Springs, the springs do see a fair amount of traffic. Also, be aware that regardless of federal policy, many visitors prefer to soak in the nude here, while many other visitors do not. If you are checking these springs out, it will help to accept both choices. Access to the springs involves a fairly steep descent down an access trail, so sturdy water shoes or sandals are a good choice. Nearby camping is available at Buckeye Campground.

Logistics + Planning



Parking Pass

Not Required


Fed by hot spring waterfalls. Adjacent to Buckeye Creek. Camping nearby.


Can be crowded.

Pets allowed



Clothing optional
Sensitive Habitat

Number of pools



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Beautiful soak! There are about 5 pools at the bottom of a steep hill ranging from 96-107 degrees. Some rock placement at the far pools would help get things flowing so it could heat up. Some classy folks decided to leave blue candles and the messy wax there for someone else to clean up...*sigh*. The water is clear and odorless and the pools have a gravel bottom. We arrived at around 1 pm and had the place to ourselves for a brief moment. Some families did arrive so I put my top back on out of respect. There were a lot of people here but it was a gorgeous 60 degree Saturday in December so maybe it's not always this crowded.
Early morning and post-sunset are perfect times to be there in the quiet.
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