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  • The entrance to the campground.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • The reception building.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • A field for tents overlooks the marina.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Coniferous trees along the eastern field edge.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • The shower building and reception area.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Space for RVs and campers.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Set within beautiful fjordal scenery.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • The Framtíð Camping Barrels.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Two tent fields at different elevations.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Explore the surrounding moss-covered hills.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • The Djúpivogur harbor.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Hikers enjoying the local scenery.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Overlooking the campground from atop the adjacent hill.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Mountains to the south.- Djúpivogur Campground
  • Looking toward the ocean and beach.- Djúpivogur Campground
Overview + Weather
Beautiful scenery.
Linens not included with barrels.
Managed by: 
Hotel Framtíð
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Spring, Summer, Fall
Reservation phone number: 
354 478 8887
Reservations possible: 
Current Local Weather:
Campground Description

Campground Description

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Djúpivogur is a quaint coastal town in eastern Iceland with nearly 400 residents. Tourism here is blossoming with restaurants, hotels, cafés, shops, a sports center, a nine-hole golf course, and a swimming pool. A small campground is at the center of this exciting area that has a level field for tents and space for 20 RVs (maximum length 10 meters). There are also unique wooden Lodging Barrels, owned by the Hotel Framtíð, which offer pet-friendly accommodation. The grounds are open throughout the year, and you can just show up with your tent/camper or book a barrel in advance via popular online hotel search engines. Djúpivogur has a rich history filled with fishing, trading, and culture that you will love to take time to explore.

The coastline is jagged with three main fjords; Álftafjörður, Hamarsfjörður and Berufjörður. Their wide, vegetated valleys are partly covered with some of Iceland's oldest birch forests. Along the coast there are black sand beaches, loess soil, gravel, marshy ground, cliffs, briny water, fresh water, and land-tied islands, which help to promote a rich biodiversity. Throughout the town, outdoor sculptures by Sigurður Guðmundsson resonate with the local birdlife.

The Djúpivogur Campsite is nestled between high rock formations that help protect you from the wind. However, the entire field sits high enough for a fantastic view overlooking the harbor and the surrounding fjord. You can explore the vast terrain set above the grounds, meander about town, or take a short walk to the beach. On-site, guests can access a mini-market, shared kitchen, shared bathrooms, and paid showers. Laundry facilities are also available for a surcharge. Bring your sleeping bag or rent a pillow, duvet, linen, or towel on-site. The barrels have three single mattresses, electrical radiators, power sockets, and an outdoor seating area (linens not included). There is free parking and free Wi-Fi in the main building.

German merchants began trading here in 1589. The town stayed small for most of its history, and accounts suggest there were only four houses there by the middle of the 18th century. Langabúð, in town, was the center of economic activity and the main venue for social gatherings until well into the 1950s. Keepsakes and artifacts of this earlier time are on display at the local museums.

The island of Papey is a popular destination for visitors during the summer, and it’s located only a short distance off the coast of Djúpivogur. The most common birds you will see there are Atlantic puffins. (Approximately 60% of the world’s Atlantic puffins breed in Iceland.) Their scientific name, Fratercula arctica, literally means "little priest of northerly distribution."

This island’s population peaked in 1726 with 16 inhabitants, but the last resident left in 1948. There, you can also find Iceland's oldest and smallest wooden church. Tours depart at 1300 hours, span four hours, and are offered by Papeyjarferdir on their Gísli í Papey ("pleasure boat") from the marina down the hill from the campsite (across from Hótel Framtíð).

Public transportation to Djúpivogur is available throughout the year via SV-Aust busses, which operate Eastern Iceland. Refer to their schedule and ticket prices for more information about this service between Egilsstaðir and Höfn (where Straeto buses connect to the rest of Iceland). The nearest airport is Egilsstaðir Airport, which is approximately 85 kilometers (53 miles) from the town.

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