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Hi! I'm the type of person who lives for adventure. Whether its hiking to the next peak, riding the bus to a new city, or road-tripping across the country, I thrive off of unique explorations and sacred memories captured along the way. Tying up my hiking boots and strapping on my travel pack gives me the ultimate feeling of being alive and living in the present. With my camera by my side, I document my travels and share these stories with the world in the hopes of guiding others to new places and encouraging them to seek out their own unforgettable experiences. New friends are guaranteed with every destination, and each trip opens up a window of inspiring ideas and ways of life that can only be found while on the road. There's a certain special and wonderful feeling that occurs with this passion for travel and lust for adventure that resonates my heart and soul each step of the way.

A few years ago I graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology with degrees in music and physics. I figure this classifies me somewhere in the middle of the creativity-insanity spectrum. I like to learn about everything, and really appreciate conversations with new people. Whether it's travel, music, science, nature, or technology - it's pretty hard to find a topic I don't enjoy. Most of my work is today is guided my an entrepreneur, entertainment, and exploration attitude. Each year I reconnect wit the earth through seasonal management and harvesting of a small concord grape vineyard in the Hudson Valley where I have grown up and still reside today.

As a lifelong musician, I'm an accomplished piano and saxophone player. My classical training and technical nature is apparent in everything that I do. Today I continue to pursue my freelance musical career with several groups and a few solo projects. In addition to the weekly church services, you can usually find me jamming away late into the evening with a great group of guys in our cover band, "Made In America." I'm also proud to have the group "Nick Catania and the Mystery Machine." This is an all-original piano rock band with styles that blend the likes of Billy Joel, Joe Jackson, Ben Folds, and Elton John. Check out my website:

Currently, I'm building a web service for honeybees and beekeepers called HoneyBees 911. The program is primarily for swarm rescue in the spring/summer seasons, when thousands of bees leave the original hive in search of a new home. They collect on trees, bushes, or other outdoor objects in a clump about the size of a basketball, and if you see one, you can file a report with to find a local beekeeper who will safely remove and relocate them from the property. We have over 1,300 members across all 50 states backed by a fantastic level of public enthusiasm and care for these remarkable creatures. Learn more:

Outdoor Project has created an incredible platform for sharing adventures, and I am so proud to be a contributor to this energetic community. They reflect everything I love about adventuring, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities they have inspired me with and allow me to share. My write-up concentration has been primarily in the Northeastern US (New York & CT), but in 2017 I had a unique opportunity to spearhead their content creation for Iceland. I'm most fond of my write-up on the Laugavegur, a world-class trek that was one of the most memorable and experiences of my life! You'll find each photo and written account carefully curated with all the information you need to find your way and begin your own exploration. With each description, I pride the inclusion of educational content that provides historical, ecological, and geological information of interest. There is always something to new to be learned, and each adventure comes with a new multifaceted experience.

Thank you for reading about me, and I hope you are inspired to travel the world just as I am. Please feel free to connect with me and share your good times.

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