Evergreen Mountain Loop

Three Sisters/Alderfer Park - Published by Yeti Cycles

Central Front Range, Colorado

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Evergreen Mountain Loop


  • The beginning of the Sister's Trail, the most technical section of the loop.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • A rider cruising the trails on a sunny afternoon.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Sisters Trail.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Great rock formations make up the northern sections of trail.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • The grassy meadows that surround the Bluebird and Wild Iris Trails.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Some of the green trails on the route have raised trail beds running through meadows that are filled with wildflowers in the spring and summer.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Elephant Butte from the Bluebird Trail section of the loop.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Climb to the Summit Loop section of the trail.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • A great view right before the summit.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • A view of the valley from the rest area on the summit of Evergreen Mountain.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • At the top of the summit section of the loop there are great spots to relax for a spell.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Red harvester ant; be careful, they have a venomous bite that is very painful.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Western salsify with seeds ready to burst- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • The trail is full of friendly people.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Sometimes you can find unexplained messages "posted" on the trail.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Yeild to all traffic on the trail. There are fines for abusing trail privileges.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Wildlife can be seen here frequently.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
  • Mountain bike companies are known to stage demos and events in the parking lot near the Iris loops.- Evergreen Mountain Loop
Overview + Weather
Wonderful views. Mix of technical and smooth trails. Wildflowers are abundant at high elevations.
Can be crowded on weekends.
Central Front Range, CO
Pets allowed: 
Net Elevation Gain: 
1,433.00 ft (436.78 m)
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Suitable for:
Hiking, Biking, Horseback
Trail difficulty: 
Total Distance: 
7.86 mi (12.65 km)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
7,505.00 ft (2,287.52 m)
Current Local Weather:
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description


With its dense evergreen forests edged with granite boulders and meadows brimming with wildflowers, the Evergreen Mountain Loop at Three Sisters/Alderfer Park is a gem not be missed on the Colorado Front Range. Located just 41 minutes from Denver near the sleepy town of Evergreen, this trail is a sampling of everything the foothills have to offer, and it has riding almost all year round.

The loop described here is a tour through the Three Sisters/Alderfer Park to Evergreen Mountain. Six different trails comprise the ride. There are several other routes that can be linked to provide a variety of different adventures and a chance to see other features inside the park. 

If you start at The Three Sisters Trail section of the loop you'll be in a perfect spot for scenic views of the cliff faces known as The Sisters. It's been a landmark for residents since the first pioneers settled there almost 200 years ago.  

The trails are predominately rocky and rough as you make your way up the cliff edges, but the climb is worth it for the smooth singletrack run down to a wider fire road before you enter the Bluebird Meadow Trail. The southern part of the route explores the Wild Iris Loop’s raised trail beds and an abundance of wildflowers before climbing up Evergreen Mountain to the summit loop where the entire valley can be viewed.  

Evergreen Mountain is also a wonderful spot for viewing elk, deer, and other wildlife in the early spring through summer, when you'll also see a truly stunning display of wildflowers. Much of this area was ranch land in the middle of the last century, and it has been slowly acquired by Jefferson County to create this marvelous park.

After a fantastic ride, consider stopping in Evergreen for delicious snack or beverage. Both the Muddy Buck Café and the Wildflower Cafe serve breakfast and lunch for most of the day, and each has wonderful coffee and amazing baked treats.

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Updates, Tips + Comments

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In 1985 mountain biking was in its infancy and at the heart was Yeti, producing no frills bikes fore core riders. Over the years through evolutions of Yeti Cycles, one thing remains constant - racing. And not just racing, but winning. Going faster is what drives us at Yeti. It is reflected in the bikes we make.

Our factory in Golden, Colorado is the birthplace of all concepts and designs that bear our name. It is our dream factory. Prototypes and race bikes are burned and tested there, and our flexible manufacturing process allows us to churn out prototypes one day and race them the next. This allows for countless iterations as we pushed towards creating a frame that is both beautiful and functional.

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