Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall


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Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall


  • Parking for the falls walk is at the Skógar Museum, while the trail begins behind the museum's rear building.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • Before hitting the farm gate, veer left on the gravel path.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • Cross the ladder over the fencing, beyond which the path remains clear.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • The path heads into the canyon, paralleling the Kvernuhólsá River.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • The walk is about 20 minutes, with only a couple short climbs over rocks on the path.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • The path becomes a single track as it approaches the falls.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • Kvernufoss and the Kverna River.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • The falls drop about 30 meters, with a path allowing hikers to walk behind the fall.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
  • Kvernufoss.- Kvernufoss (Sigurfoss) Waterfall
Overview + Weather
Fewer crowds than other nearby falls. Can walk behind the falls.
Pets allowed: 
Highest point: 
310.00 ft (94.49 m)
Net Elevation Gain: 
80.00 ft (24.38 m)
Year round: 
Parking Pass: 
Permit required: 
Preferable Season(s):
Spring, Summer, Fall
Total Distance: 
1.24 mi (2.00 km)
Total elevation gain: 
115.00 ft (35.05 m)
Trail type: 
Trailhead Elevation: 
230.00 ft (70.10 m)
Typically multi-day: 
Current Local Weather:
Hike Description

Hike Description

Pro Contributor

Kvernufoss, sometimes labeled as Sigurfoss, is a 30-meter (about 98 feet) waterfall at the end of an easy hike in the town of Skógar. With nearby Skógafoss drawing huge crowds, Kvernufoss sits in a much quieter canyon just behind the Skógar Museum. Reached by a 1-kilometer trail on a clear track, the falls lie along the Kverna River (not to be confused with the Kverná River, which flows in North Iceland). The river contributes to the wild atmosphere as the path winds shortly into the canyon and views of the roads outside disappear.

The waterfall towers above picturesque tufts of rock, and a path allows visitors to walk into the concave slope behind the falls. While the hike to the falls continues up a gradual incline, there are a couple spots where hikers must climb up short rocky slopes. However, the hike is generally accessible by most ability levels. The falls are in a wild and undeveloped state, and as such there are no trash cans or amenities anywhere along the hike.

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