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  • Welcome to the Blue Lagoon Spa.- Blue Lagoon
  • Coming from the changing rooms to the water.- Blue Lagoon
  • Lay down on the sloped surface leading into the water.- Blue Lagoon
  • There is plenty of space to move around.- Blue Lagoon
  • A family enjoying the warm water.- Blue Lagoon
  • The Lagoon Bar in the water.- Blue Lagoon
  • Fountains in the water.- Blue Lagoon
  • A walking bridge over the lagoon.- Blue Lagoon
  • Playing on the lava rocks.- Blue Lagoon
  • Lava fields border the lagoon.- Blue Lagoon
  • Steam from Svartsengí over the horizon.- Blue Lagoon
  • Water fountains around the spa.- Blue Lagoon
  • Inside the Blue Café.- Blue Lagoon
  • The Lava Restaurant.- Blue Lagoon
  • A walkway outside of the spa.- Blue Lagoon
  • Explore lava fields.- Blue Lagoon
  • Svartsengí Geothermal Power Plant on the horizon.- Blue Lagoon
  • Explore the interesting geology of the area.- Blue Lagoon
  • The path circles back to the lagoon's entrance.- Blue Lagoon
  • A land bridge to the Silica Hotel.- Blue Lagoon
  • The Silica Hotel.- Blue Lagoon
  • Lava fields surrounding the lagoon.- Blue Lagoon
Overview + Weather
Soothing water with healing benefits.
Lots of people. Pre-booking required.
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Not Required
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Hot Spring Description

Hot Spring Description

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The Blue Lagoon (Bláa lónið) is a geothermal spa with milky-blue waters that are rich in blue-green algae, mineral salts, and fine silica mud. These ingredients form a natural blend that softens skin and soothes the body in an unforgettable and enchanting experience. It is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, and in 2012 it was named one of National Geographic's “25 Wonders of the World."

Set atop an 800-year-old lava field in the heart of the Reykjanes Peninsula (a UNESCO Geopark), the lagoon is both remote and easily accessible. It’s conveniently close to Keflavík International Airport and the capital city of Reykjavík, and hourly bus transfers are available to and from these locations with Reykjavik Excursions throughout the year. All of the roads are in good condition and regularly cleared and salted on snowy days. The Blue Lagoon is open every day of the year, and pre-booking is essential.

There are several spa packages available that offer varying experiences and treatments. Standard admission includes entrance to the lagoon and the traditional silica mud mask. You’ll have access to the changing rooms, the sauna, the steam bath, relaxation area, and an application of the lagoon’s iconic purifying mineral at the silica bar. The Comfort option adds on the use of a towel, a drink of your choice, and a mask composed of the lagoon’s rejuvenating algae. You can add a bathrobe and slippers with the lagoon’s Premium package. With the Luxury experience, you’ll get all of this and entrance to the exclusive lounge with private changing rooms and a spa journey product set. The lounge allows a maximum of 12 guests with six private shower rooms and a three-hour stay with additional time available upon request.

The geothermal power of this region comes from 2,000 meters within the earth at the boundary of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Porous lava and searing heat create a water composition that is 70% seawater and 30% freshwater superheated to a perfect 38°C. The silica, algae, and mineral enrichment occur as the water navigates to the surface. You can move around the lagoon for variations in temperature to find the perfect spot. It’s hottest near the vents where the water emerges and natural convection makes the surface several degrees warmer than the bottom. On-site you can enjoy food and drink at the Lava Restaurant, the Blue Café, or order refreshments at the Lagoon Bar in the water. The Lagoon has received the prestigious Blue Flag award for 13 consecutive years, which acknowledges its clean, safe waters and eco-friendly environment.

In 1974, the local geothermal power company established the Svartsengí Geothermal Power Plant and began harnessing the geothermal energy of the region. It was the world's first renewable methanol plant, which uses Carbon Recycling International's carbon dioxide to methanol fuel process. As a result of the construction, a reservoir of steaming, milky blue seawater formed in the shadows of the plant where visitors regularly came to bathe. The modern day Blue Lagoon was built in 1987 next to the plant, but it was relocated to its present location in 1999. You can still see steam from Svartsengí coming up from the horizon before the mountains.

The Lagoon is currently undergoing an expansion. It includes a 50% enlargement of the main lagoon, an underground spa, 62 elegant guest suites, and a restaurant. Sigridur Sigthorsdottir of Basalt Architects is the project’s lead architect and has worked with Blue Lagoon for almost two decades. The additions are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017.

The Silica Hotel is located just 1 kilometer away from the Blue Lagoon and offers its own private bathing lagoon for guests every day between 09:00 and 22:00 hours. It has 35 bright and spacious double/twin rooms that have won several design awards. Each room has private facilities and exceptional views of the surrounding lava fields. All rates include taxes and service charges, complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, complimentary access to gym facilities, and Premium admission to the Blue Lagoon.

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