Caldron Linn

Magic Valley + Shoshone Area, Idaho

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Caldron Linn


  • Watch for these signs to point you in the right direction.- Caldron Linn
  • Pack a lunch and enjoy a relaxing picnic down by the river.- Caldron Linn
  • A user trail overlooks the rocks and water below.- Caldron Linn
  • Wander out along the rocks to find the best viewpoint.- Caldron Linn
  • Rocks line the water's edge like thousands of dinosaur bones.- Caldron Linn
  • The river was running low on this particular day.- Caldron Linn
  • The riverside rocks provide a quiet escape from more popular destinations nearby.- Caldron Linn
  • Look for lizards sunning themselves on the rock.- Caldron Linn
  • The Snake River funnels through a narrow section of rock.- Caldron Linn
  • The unusual rocks make a variety of swirls, holes, and other shapes as they are carved by rushing water.- Caldron Linn
  • A short hike takes you to a series of cascades.- Caldron Linn
  • At low flows the water is still, but when the river is high, the water rushes violently over the rocks. - Caldron Linn
  • Water tumbles down the rocky channel in the Snake River.- Caldron Linn
  • The brown earth and sagebrush remind you that you're in the Idaho desert.- Caldron Linn
Overview + Weather
Solitude. Unique view of the river.
Rough road to the picnic area. Hard to find.
Magic Valley + Shoshone Area, ID
Pets allowed: 
Parking Pass: 
Not Required
Preferable Season(s):
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
Current Local Weather:
Adventure Description

Adventure Description

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One of the longest rivers in the United States, the Snake River, passes through a 40-foot channel at Caldron Linn. When the river volume is high, the flowing water creates a spectacular series of cascades as it churns and pushes its way downstream. Even when the water is low, the river views are still worthwhile.

In 1811, a fur-trading party traveling from St. Louis attempted to canoe through the narrow passage. When one of the canoes hit a rock and capsized, they lost one of their men, a canoe, and some supplies. From there, they had to travel on foot all the way to Astoria, Oregon. They named the place Caldron Linn after their harrowing experience.

Modern visitors can marvel at the water and rocks from the safety of shore. At the parking area there are picnic tables where you can sit and relax by the river. Above the falls there are places to swim and fish. 

The last bit of road down to Caldron Linn is very steep and rough. High-clearance vehicles are recommended. Alternately, park above the end of the road, before it begins to drop steeply, and walk to the river from there.

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