Moose Alley

Great North Woods + Lakes Region, New Hampshire

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Moose Alley


  • Lake Francis.- Moose Alley
  • Officially entering "Moose Alley."- Moose Alley
  • First Connecticut Lake in Moose Alley.- Moose Alley
  • The Moose Alley Trail is a good place to look for moose when the trail is open. - Moose Alley
  • View of Third Connecticut Lake along Route 3.- Moose Alley
  • One of many reminders that you're in moose country.- Moose Alley
  • A deer proving moose aren't the only animals that hang out here.- Moose Alley
  • Fourth Connecticut Lake. - Moose Alley
  • Moose tracks in Moose Alley.- Moose Alley
  • Hiking with moose. - Moose Alley
  • Scenic view in Moose Alley.- Moose Alley
  • Moose by the road. Photo courtesy of Visit New Hampshire.- Moose Alley
  • Be prepared to stop! Photo courtesy of Visit New Hampshire.- Moose Alley
Overview + Weather
Roadside wildlife viewing. Scenic views. Lakes for paddling.
Long stretch of highway with few amenities.
Great North Woods + Lakes Region, NH
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Adventure Description

Adventure Description


Tucked in the farthest northern corner of New Hampshire is a rural, forested area known as Moose Alley. The small town of Pittsburg and surrounding area provide a gas station, a few restaurants, and several campgrounds and cabins to stay in. One of the big attractions to the Great North Woods region is the opportunity and likelihood to see moose, as thousands of moose call these quiet woodlands home. Moose Alley is generally known to be the approximately 12-mile section of highway north of Pittsburg to the Canadian border. In this very scenic area you’ll see beautiful views and, potentially, moose right from your car as well as from the picnic areas, pull-offs, and boat launches along Route 3. Just be sure to drive slowly because you won’t want to miss a moose sighting, and you won’t want to hit one either! Although the best time for seeing moose is commonly thought to be around sunrise and sunset, moose have been seen in this area at all times of day, as well as on other nearby roads.

Explore the Moose Alley Trail, Falls in the River Trail, or any of the numerous ATV and snowmobile trails and stop off at each of the Connecticut Lakes. With boat rentals available at various businesses, you can take your moose search onto the water and get some fishing in at the same time. Remember that moose are large and potentially dangerous animals, so if you do encounter one, keep your distance or stay in your vehicle. They may become irritated by dogs as well as camera sounds and flashes, so try to keep quiet and enjoy watching them without disturbing them. In addition to moose, look for deer, wild turkeys, and other wildlife.

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Updates, Tips + Comments

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Field Guide

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