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Southern Oregon Coast + Rogue River, Oregon

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  • The main lodge is the check-in point, and staff will eagerly walk visitors around the treesort and show off the available amenities as well as each of the treehouses.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Front desk in the main lodge. Items such as disc golf discs, board games, and books can be checked out from here. - Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Drinks, gifts, and optional activities are available for sale in the office.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • A central communal area with a fire pit tends to be a social area, with the Swiss Family Complex in the background.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Taking in the view from the treehouse porch.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • A kitchen building containing all necessary supplies, along with guest laundry facilities, are available 24 hours a day.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Several of the treehouses sitting perched high above the lodge deck patio.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The inside of the Yurtree, which contains beds to sleep up to seven people, as well as mini fridge.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Accessing some of the taller treehouses requires crossing a series of suspension bridges.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The Cabin provides a large option for families or those who want an experience a little closer to the ground.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The Cabin, along with several of the treehouses, contains its beds in an interior loft space with windows that can be opened in good weather.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The treehouse porches provide an ideal spot for a morning cup of coffee and an evening bottle of wine.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The common kitchen area, along with outdoor grills, allows guests to prepare their own food.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The Swiss Family Complex after dark.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The Majestree can be accessed by a spiral staircase to the ground or along lit up suspension bridges.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • The Treesort's location in a sparsely populated area of Southern Oregon lets visitors head into the adjacent clearing and see the clear night skies.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • A full breakfast is served each morning and is prepared by a cook who can adapt to most allergies and dietary preferences.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • Swinging on the large swing beneath the 47-foot-tall Majestree Treehouse.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
  • A pool filled with river water is a great option for hot days.- Out'N'About Treehouse Resort
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Unique experience. Comfortable treehouse rooms. Family friendly.
Can't accommodate pets.
Southern Oregon Coast + Rogue River, OR
Occasionally full
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1 (541) 592-2208
Property Description

Property Description

Pro Contributor

Out 'N' About Treehouse Resort is a wildly unique lodging experience set at the edge of the Siskiyou National Forest near Highway 199 and the town of Cave Junction, Oregon. Composed of about a dozen uniquely-constructed treehouses, some as high as 47 feet above the ground, the 36-acre "Treesort" has accommodations that vary from sleeping between two and seven people, and the treehouses are set across the spectrum of available amenities and luxuries. The resort has amenities such as a pool built to hold a constantly-cycling flow of river water, a disc golf course, assorted swings. There are bunk- and twin-sized beds in the rooms that cater to families with children, while smaller treehouses with more intimate sleeping quarters and smaller porches with chairs are great for guests without children. Treehouses perched up in the trees are accessed via a stair climb to a series of platforms and then by crossing suspension bridges. 

A central fire pit with benches and chairs tends to be where guests gather nightly. Immediately beside this area is a building that houses complete kitchenware, appliances, and several outdoor grills, so guests have the option of preparing their own meals. In the morning, a full hot breakfast is served, and dietary preferences and restrictions that are communicated to the front desk upon check-in will be accommodated by the cook.

Inroom amenities vary: Some of the larger treehouses contain full bathrooms and showers, mini-fridges and microwaves, and queen sized beds, while the smaller treehouses contain loft beds but require the use of bathrooms located at ground level in the central lodge building. Each treehouse has power and extra outlets and contains heaters and fans along with windows that can open to let the cool forest air circulate.

There are compost and recycling stations throughout the property. At night, guests can wander over to the natural pool area or to the adjacent field at the Treehouse Ziplines location to catch sight of the sky full of stars far away from urban light pollution. Board games and books are available to check out from the office. Several nearby adventures including zipline tours, horseback rides, and river rafting can also be arranged through the office.

Rates for the treehouses start at about $150 per night and increase based on occupancy and amenities. More information about each individual treehouse can be found on the Out 'N' About Treehouse Resort website.

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