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Halvor Tweto | 08.25.2017

Whether you spent hours in traffic lining up for an eclipse event, snuck off to some discreet spot with a few friends and loved ones, or you just took a quick break from your work day, we're betting your 2017 Solar Eclipse was amazing. There was something purifying about the experience, especially given the hype preceding the event itself and all of the external noise in the country these days. Just to stand below that celestial ballet, to see the graceful alignment of spheres, was remarkable. What is the memory you will hold? Was it the sudden drop in air temperature? The myriad mini-moon-shaped shadows filtering down through the trees? Was it the incredible silence that seemed to set in during the alignment, as if the birds themselves were quietly observing the syzygy? Glasses donned, faces skyward, we were, for a short while, united in humility and wonder. 

Don't let the moment fade too fast. Take a second to remember your eclipse last week, wherever you were, and savor that unusual experience. To help, we've put together a few images taken by Outdoor Project Contributors as part of an 2017 Eclipse Photo Contest. Please have a look at the slideshow to see the winning shots, and congratulations to the winners (but really we all are)! And if you missed the contest but still have images to add, please share them via the comments section below.


Crazy in love with Stanley ID. Wow! Unexpected fabulousness everywhere. Eclipse was amazing, will be back and definitely on to Texas in 2024
The shadows and lighting during the eclipse were unreal. I viewed from my backyard in Portland. We had 99.44% totality, and experienced a marked drop in temperature.
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