Robin Warner | 12.14.2017

Winter is upon us, and with it comes the first day of skiing and snowboarding for families around the world. For parents, this is a special day to revel in the chaos of your adult life.

Snow sports require a heap of clothing and a stack of gear, items which inevitably scatter to the wind between closing day of last season and the new season's opening day. There is no way to avoid this reality.

As you gather your equipment, ready the kids, load up the car and drive out, there are numerous hurdles to be faced and items to be forgotten. To simplify your day, consider using the following list of questions as a guide:

30 Questions You Will Shout at your Family During Your First Day on the Snow 

  1. Are you ready to get up? 
  2. No?
  3. Where are your gloves?
  4. Why did you take them to summer camp?
  5. Will you please eat some breakfast?
  6. You didn’t get the skis waxed? 
  7. You’re doing it now?
  8. Why didn’t we pick up our passes before today?
  9. Are you getting car sick?
  10. Can you pull over NOW?!?
  11. Where are the wipes? 
  12. Can you help carry this stuff in?
  13. Your arms are tired?
  14. Really?
  15. What do you mean “I” forgot the poles? 
  16. Your helmet doesn't fit?
  17. Can you just deal with it today? 
  18. Ready to head out? 
  19. What do you mean you’re hungry?
  20. Why didn’t you eat breakfast? 
  21. Hamburger or hot dog?
  22. Where should we go first? 
  23. How about we take turns picking runs?
  24. What would you say if (insert sibling’s name) picked two runs in a row?
  25. What do you mean you want to _________ this year? (Insert the snow sport that you own none of the gear for.)
  26. What do you mean you hate _________? (Insert the name of the snow sport you own ALL of the gear for.) 
  27. Are you ready to go in? 
  28. Aren’t you cold? 
  29. You want to come again tomorrow? 
  30. Will you promise to eat breakfast? 

Once you’ve yelled each of these questions, some more than once, you will know that you and your family have had a successful day on the hill.  

Happy trails!


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