Morgan Tashea | 06.09.2017

There is something magical that happens when a group of ladies come together to step outside of their comfort zones to try something new. The ability to be vulnerable and real when surrounded by all women opens up new possibilities and creates a learning environment that is unlike any other. The space that Trail Mavens is creating is exactly this.

From the moment the trip starts with Trail Mavens, the guides create a space for everyone to share their intentions and share something that they would like to learn. The new skills that these ladies were aiming to build included starting a fire, pitching a tent, cooking outside, or reading a map. This automatically creates an environment that is open, empowering, and encouraging. This space also creates the opportunity for real and intentional conversations that don’t happen often in our daily lives.

A common story that was shared by the Mavens on the trip was the story of letting the guy in their life take over when out camping. Even though these women were craving to learn a new skill, they usually just let it be when out with the guys or larger groups. I know this story personally and have heard it from so many women in my life. The story of going camping with a group of friends and just letting the guys take over the campfire, just letting them set up the tent, or trusting that they know where they are going on the trail is common. The questions about how to start the fire or how navigate properly may not get asked. But with a group of ladies, the vulnerable questions can be asked. The beauty of Trail Mavens is that not only are those questions asked, but the skill is then taught and the guide encourages each and every Maven to then rock their new skills in order to feel empowered and comfortable.

The conversations and experiences that I had with these eight women were deep, vulnerable and real. We were all strangers at the beginning of the trip, and I’m happy to say that I have met some new soul sisters that I will stay connected with and adventure with in the future. It is because of the real and open space that the Trail Mavens team creates that allows friendships like this to flourish. It was beautiful to watch women grow their outdoor skill set, but to also feel empowered by building their own fire and guiding themselves into new adventures.

I encourage all woman out there to go get out with one, two, eight, 20 women...whoever you can find! Open the space, teach each other something new, encourage and empower one another to build the fire and cook on an open flame. Because it is in those moments that we feel strong and connected.

Personally, Trail Mavens taught me the beauty of showing my fear and how empowering it is to talk through and overcome that fear. It was powerful to see everyone encourage one another to keep pushing on as we stepped outside of our comfort zones in order to overcome our fears and rock some new skills! Thank you Trail Mavens for showing me new ways to feel empowered and how to help others feel empowered as well.



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