Tyson Gillard | 03.13.2018

In the midst of the Great Depression, Charles Danner took it upon himself to open a small factory of twelve employees in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to create and produce the best-crafted, most durable work boots in America. Thus, Danner boots was born.

To Danner, superior craftsmanship mattered — regardless of the economic climate — and it was this stubborn belief in quality boots that carried his company through the next few years in Wisconsin where a pair of Danner boots sold for just four dollars.

However, by 1936, Danner discovered an even better business environment for his hard working brand of boots: the Pacific Northwest. With the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, Pacific Northwestern ports began to expand and shipping and logging exploded in Washington and Oregon, resulting in an influx of loggers and longshoreman who all wanted durable, rugged work boots. Further development of hydroelectric dams in the region in the early 1930s provided inexpensive and reliable electricity that would eventually go on to power not only the economic engine of the region, but also Danner’s...

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