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Tyson Gillard | 04.18.2014

Outdoor Project is proud to announce its latest partnership with Portland, Oregon-based ski and snowboard manufacturer Deviation.

Long before Deviation had a name, Tim Wells and Matt Hilbert, who met in first grade back in Ithaca, New York, began brainstorming various businesses that would allow them to break from conventional jobs with conventional companies. After partially developing a few concepts that never made it off the drawing board, the concept that finally fit the bill was proposed by Peter Wells and Hannah Van Arsdell while relaxing in a ski lodge at Alta, Utah. Peter and Hannah pitched the possibility of starting a ski and snowboard manufacturing company. They also brought with them a connection who had previously worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and was willing to help jump-start a new company. This was what Tim and Matt needed to look deeper into the merits of the concept. After six months of in depth planning, assembling a team, and fundraising, Deviation was born in July 2012.

The Deviation team was formed by a diverse group of friends from all over the USA with resumes in engineering, mountaineering, marketing, graphic arts, outdoor education, web development, and finance. Their shared love for riding brought them together and allowed Deviation to take shape. Deviation found a home in Oregon where on-snow testing is always available and consumers who value local, handmade products are in abundance. Deviation was founded with a common passion for two fundamental elements: First, the team wanted to create a product that gives confidence to anyone on the mountain, whether they are male or female, skiing or snowboarding, floating through Utah powder or cutting through Vermont ice. Second, the team wanted to manufacture that product in-house, in their home state of Oregon. This foundation is their inspiration. From this foundation, Deviation has since developed unique wood core technologies, women’s products that are designed by women, unrivaled personalization options, and programs that support artists and charities via their personalization options.

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For Outdoor Project, Pro Contributors receive 50% off all Deviation products; Sponsored Contributors receive 35% off.


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