Tyson Gillard | 07.16.2013

Camping season is now in full swing, and every now-and-again we hear of crafty and clever ways to perfect the art of enjoying the outdoors. This quaint and penny-pinching device/trick comes directly from my mom and we think its certainly worth sharing! Explained directly from the source (Linda Gillard), here's what it is:

An easy to make auxiliary light perfect for car camping or at home. Magical illumination in multiples with different sized jars. The different jars create unique light patterns.

What's needed:

  • Wide-mouth lid canning jars, pint through half-gallon sized.
  • LED Tap Lights (one per jar), needs to be smaller than than the lid.
  • AAA batteries (most tap lights do not provide them).


Tap Lights, with their self-adhesive bases, can easily be attached to the underside of the lids. Tap "on", then re-assemble the jar with the lid and the band.

Some practical uses:

  • Great light for playing cards or games at the camp table.
  • Highlighting uneven walking surfaces and pathways.
  • Great night light for children's early camp-outs in the backyard.


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