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Chef Corso | 10.14.2019

There’s a reason pasta is king. It’s filling, delicious, and always reliable. It’s also very easy to bring on the trail, with most packages weighing a pound or less and taking up very little volume in your pack.

As with anything, pasta can get a little tired if you’re just cooking red sauce and spaghetti. So try mixing things up with different shapes and flavors. What kind of shapes and flavors can we cook up that aren’t just the standard fare? These four delicious variations will show you just how versatile pasta can be in the backcountry. Just click to print!

There are infinite ways to change up pantry essentials in the backcountry. Check out four variations of instant rice that draw from east Asian and Caribbean influences and four hearty recipes with instant beans that will keep you warm on cool nights.


Tortellini With Kale + Pesto


Lasagna With Meat Sauce


Beef Stroganoff


Not Boxed Mac and Cheese


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