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Kat Dierickx | 03.06.2015

Outdoor Project just published its 2,000th adventure, and it just happened to be Brent Uhrig's Scout Camp Trail in Central Oregon. Brent started contributing to Outdoor Project because he has a passion for sharing outdoor adventures and had a strong desire to become a content creator. We have long-standing Contributor Shane Kucera to thank, as he was the one who shared his enthusiasm about us and encouraged Brent to get involved. 

Fun Facts about Brent

Location: Bend, Oregon
Spirit Animal: 98% chimpanzee
Do you believe in Bigfoot? "At the risk of never being allowed back to the Olympic Peninsula, one of my favorite places, I think I'm obligated to say yes."
What is one outdoor gadget you never leave home without? My phone.
[pause for groans]  It's too useful - camera, GPS capability and topo maps (I like Gaia), note taking.
Favorite outdoor adventure movie: "Does Lord of the Rings count?  Because I'd be perfectly content if that was my life.  Art of Flight is a pretty good one." 
Hot Springs or Cliff Jumping?

Now, on the serious side...  

What was the adventure that made you fall in love with the outdoors?

"Hailing from the Great Plains, I gained a tremendous appreciation for wide open spaces. But snowboarding was where I really made my first cognizant recognition of my love for the outdoors (odd given the resort crowds) - gliding on the snow was just an indescribable feeling of calmness and connection." 

What is it about spending time outdoors that keeps you coming back?

"It's two-fold. The connection and tranquility, of feeling 'at home.'  Second is the sense of adventure - the excitement of what you're going to find/see/experience next around the bend, over the ridge, on top of the mountain, etc."

What are some of the places you haven’t been yet that you’d like to visit?

"Unfair question. Ever revolving and growing list. South America (too many places to name), Ireland, and Norway always seems to be high on the 'to do' list. Finally knocked out Grand Canyon this fall, but can't wait to go back. I would love to spend more time bouncing around Oz and New Zealand. I'd really like to experience more of the Alps. My brother and I have talked for a long time about canoeing the boundary waters. Pretty stoked about getting up on some of these volcanoes in Central Oregon later this spring. Right now I'd settle for just a bit more snow." 

We're thrilled to have Brent as one of our active Contributors and look forward to all his adventures this summer! Follow Brent (@chugfish) on Instagram for more inspiring adventure photos.


Hi Brent, it sounds like we might have Bigfoot stories to share...
Brent is awesome...and he must be humble because this article doesn't mention that he has a PhD in Biomechanical Engineering
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