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Lainey Mebust | 11.17.2017

For some of us, we grew up in the mountains, learning the way of the trail from our parents. For others, we found our love for lady nature later in life. No matter how we get there, once we get out we’re hooked. We discover a world that fills our soul in a way that urban cities can’t even compete against. In a perfect world, everyone would have the opportunity to experience the outdoors. To develop a love and respect for our world’s natural form.

Neighborhood Kids, a charitable lifestyle brand, is working toward that mission by making timeless high-quality headwear to bring under-resourced youth to the great outdoors.

The story behind Neighborhood Kids

Founder Charles Michael started Neighborhood Kids with the hope that all kids could have the opportunity to adventure. He grew up in the Midwest where he had California dreams. From the Lost Coast to the Kelso Dunes, the Golden State called his name.  After finishing up university, he packed his bags and went on a road trip out west with his best friends, which ultimately ended up as one long adventure. He fell in love with the western lifestyle and felt inspired to build a brand around his experiences.

With a background in eCommerce operations, he put his work into practice and set out to establish a lifestyle brand focused on paying it forward. The term they coined as a “charitable lifestyle brand” has made them unique in the outdoor community.

Though some brands embody a sociable aspect to their business, not many are actually using this as a defining characteristic, especially in the lifestyle brand space. I believe Neighborhood Kids is the first company to define themselves as a charitable lifestyle brand. -- Charles, Founder, Neighborhood Kids

Many successful sociable brands embody a similar strategy to raise awareness for a specific cause. With the way commerce has evolved, we as consumers are looking for an entirely new attachment to the products we purchase. We feel connected with a brand through social media and shared experiences. In a way, we are an extension of the brands we buy. As a result, we participate with companies that align with our values and way of life.

We’re seeking to define an entirely new vertical by combining sociable commerce with community and lifestyle. We’re moved by those who surprise us and who derive their life’s meaning from their own dreams and not someone else’s propulsion of the status quo. Our products speak to those who share a similar mission. -- Charles, Founder, Neighborhood Kids

Born out of midwestern values and a western sense of adventure, Neighborhood Kid’s headwear is built to last as you chase life’s peaks and valleys. Their products are designed to be your favorite everyday hat.

Each style embodies adventure, and what that adventure entails is up to you

With every purchase, a donation is made to Big City Mountaineers, the organization supplying under-resourced youth with life-changing wilderness excursions. These expeditions bring kids and teens to the outdoors and instill critical life skills. We can all appreciate earth-friendly, quality products. When our dollar goes further to benefit a good cause, we’re all in.

If you’re interested in the journey or purchasing their products to support the cause, check them out here.


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