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Jared Kennedy | 08.05.2014

Oregon Wildlife Officials Suspect Spread of Elk Hoof Disease

OPB's Earthfix reports that hoof samples provided by hunters to veterinarians with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife show signs of hoof deformities. Elk herds in Southwest Washington have carried the disease for a while, and the transmission into Oregon was not unexpected. The ultimate cause of the deformities is unknown, but officials suspect it may be caused by a bacteria similar to one found in livestock.

Rowena Fire In the Columbia River Gorge Continues to Burn, is 65% Contained

Crews were continuing to make progress over the weekend with the Rowena Fire burning outside of the Dalles. As of Sunday the fire had burned over 3,500 acres. The fire, just one of many active wildfires in Oregon, is burning along Interstate 84. 

New Photos of OR-7's Wolf Pups

A remote camera in Southwest Oregon caught some photos of OR-7's pups. OR-7, Oregon's most famous wolf, became the first to give birth to a litter west of the Cascades in over 100 years. This continues what has already been a remarkable journey highlighting the wolf recovery happening in Oregon. (Photo: USFSW - Pacific Region)

Man and Grizzly Spook One Another in Glacier National Park

A hiker had a close encounter with a grizzly bear in Glacier National Park this week, and other hikers caught it on camera. The photos are remarkable, as the hiker found the only place to hide behind a rock and let the bear go past him. Everywhere else was a plunging cliff. Neither hiker nor bear wanted the close encounter, and as soon as the trail cleared, the bear made its way through and got out of the situation.

First All African American Team Summits Denali

The group of nine climbers, organized by the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and funded with $111,125 via Kickstarter, was the first all African American team to take on the summit of North America's tallest peak. They captured the experience in a documentary that's just now starting its screening circuit. It includes stops in Bellingham and Olympia in mid-September. Check out the trailer for the film in the video section below.


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