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Jared Kennedy | 01.29.2015

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First Verified Sighting of Sierra Nevada Red Fox In Yosemite in 100 Years

The Sierra Nevada red fox is one of the rarest mammals in North America with only 50 animals thought to remain in the wild. Conservationists are elated after two foxes were sighted since December, including one in Yosemite National Park. The animals haven't been seen in the park for over 100 years. 

Oregon's Last Pristine Cove Added to Wildlife Refuge

Just two miles south of Depoe Bay is the last remaining pristine cove on the Oregon Coast. A partnership of nonprofit groups and government agencies has just completed a purchase of nearly 14 acres surrounding the cove. It will become part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The cove will remain off-limits to the public.  

Senate Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill Despite Likely Veto

The Republican controlled Senate has at long last mustered the votes needed to pass the Keystone XL pipeline bill. Nine Democratic Senators also voted in favor of passing the bill. However, the total was not enough to block a likely veto by President Obama.

Tribes Explore Restoring Salmon Runs Above Grand Coulee Dam

The completion 70 years ago of the Grand Coulee Dam on the upper Columbia River blocked salmon access above the dam. The Upper Columbia United Tribes is planning a study to determine if salmon runs can be restored above the dam on the stretch of the Columbia reaching into Canada.

Jackrabbits, Bison, Cows and Coyotes in Utah's Henry Mountains

In Utah's Henry Mountains, where bison and cows compete for forage, it turns out the largest pressure on available grasses is likely due to proliferating jackrabbits. Coyote culls may be the reason for the jackrabbit's success.


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