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Jared Kennedy | 11.04.2014

Catch up on some of last week's most important news headlines from the outdoors.

For a Popular California Hike, Finding a Parking Space is the Biggest Challenge

At the summit of Mission Peak, the views of San Francisco's skyline across the bay are expansive. The trail to the summit, a challenging 3-mile hike, is becoming increasingly popular for people of all backgrounds. However, the parking area at the trailhead is so small, cars are backing up into the neighborhood, causing congestion and frustration for the wealthy individuals who live at the trail's base. Hikers, residents and the City of Fremont are at odds on how to handle the flow of visitors.

10 Great Ways to Get your Kids Outside and Engaged in Nature

With so many studies showing the benefits of getting kids into nature, it's still good to get some practical tips on how to make getting outside easier. This guest article in The Washington Post by Lauren Knight has 10 great ways to get your kids engaged in their surroundings when you take them outside, as well as information on why it matters.

Forest Service Chief Clarifies and Reduces Proposed Restrictions on Wilderness Filming

Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell has clarified some of the confusion around the proposed filming restrictions in designated wilderness areas. News media is excluded from permitting requirements, and photographers would only need permits if they are using models and props. The Forest Service has scheduled a public meeting in Portland, Oregon this Thursday, November 13 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Mazamas Holman Auditorium, 527 SE 43rd Ave (at Stark).

Birth Control Darts Used to Manage Population of Oregon and Idaho Wild Horses

More than 40,000 wild horses roam the Western United States, and the herds are creating land management challenges for the Bureau of Land Management. In a new approach, the BLM is using dart guns with birth control on wild mares in an attempt to slow the population growth. The story on wild Mustangs was brought to prominence by Oregon Field Guide last season. To learn more about this issue, watch the video below.


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