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Jared Kennedy | 10.28.2014

Catch up on some of last week's most important news headlines from the outdoors.

Nature Conservancy Makes Large Land Purchase Near Snoqualmie Pass

The conservation group Nature Conservancy has made the single largest private land purchase in Washington State's history. The 48,000 acres of land spanning both sides of Interstate-90 near Snoqualmie Pass provides critical habitat for spotted owl, elk, salmon and ponderosa pine. It also includes the headwaters of the Yakima River. 

Why Oregon Schoolkids Should All Have Access to a Full Week of Outdoor School

For 48 years, Oregon's public schoolkids have had the chance to attend Outdoor School for six days, to learn about nature and experience it at the same time. For many Oregon kids, it's their first chance to spend the night in a cabin. Due to budget constraints, the program has shifted to just three days. This op-ed published in The Oregonian makes the case for why a six day program should be restored for all Oregon schoolkids.

The Forest Service Muzzles News Reporting on Relocating the Enchanted Valley Chalet

The U.S. Forest Service made news headlines last month for changing rules on photography in wilderness areas. When it comes to the work underway to save and relocate the Enchanted Valley Chalet, this reporter from High Country News had an interesting experience when reporting on the progress. It's an interesting glimpse into a more heavy handed approach toward news agencies being taken by the Forest Service.

Preparing for Climate Change on Federal Lands in the North Cascades

Scientists from the University of Washington, working with federal land management agencies, released a detailed report this past week identifying specific efforts to be used to combat the effects of climate change in Washington's North Cascades. The research and strategies covered the North Cascades National Park, Mount Rainier National Park, the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. The agencies are preparing coordinated efforts in expectation of increased flooding and forest fires.

Ranchers in Oregon Act to Prevent Sage Grouse from Landing on the Endangered Species List

This past week's Oregon Field Guide featured a great segment detailing the efforts by conservationists and private farmers to protect the sage grouse. Both are working together to keep the sage grouse off the endangered species list. Watch the video (below) to see these amazing birds in action.


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