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Jared Kennedy | 09.24.2014

The news never stops, even in the outdoors. Here are some good reads and very newsworthy issues from last week.

Feds Seeking to Restrict All Filming and Most Photography from Wilderness Areas

A federal directive aimed at tightening the restrictions on film and photography in areas designated as wilderness is generating a lot of controversy. News sources along with all commercial enterprises may be banned from taking photos and subject to fines. The proposal's public comment period has been extended after the U.S. Forest Service, having received a lot of negative feedback, began backtracking from their original messaging.

Washington's Governor Focuses on No Child Left Inside

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is taking a stronger stand on promoting access to outdoor recreation for children. “We need to get more children into the great outdoors,” Inslee told a Tuesday breakfast of the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition.  “We want to foster a recreation culture in our state.”

Jon Stewart Takes on Climate Deniers in Congress

Leave it to Jon Stewart to use The Daily Show to make plain why climate change legislation is stuck in the federal government. This segment highlights a recent session of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. It's funny, depressing and enlightening all at the same time. 

An Injured Climber on El Capitan is Rescued by Helicopter

A 39-year-old male climber was injured last week on one of the higher pitches of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. He required a helicopter rescue, and it took a text message to Spain to notify personnel of the issue. Check out video of the rescue and hear what a big wall rescue requires.

The Northwest is the Frontier for Geothermal Energy

EarthFix reports that Oregon and the Pacific Northwest is at the center of an expanding geothermal energy industry. With projects underway in Klamath Falls and Newberry Crater, geothermal production is slated to expand from 33 megawatts to over 340 megawatts in the coming years. 


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