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Jim Wagner | 09.18.2019

Sailing around the southern tip of the Sea of Cortez is a wonderful and unique experience that individuals, couples, or families can complete on a short and stress-free adventure to the Baja Peninsula any time of the year. Imagine sailing across multiple bodies of water in a matter of minutes. You'll do just that as you leave the Sea of Cortez and enter the Pacific Ocean. This is truly an adventure that is influenced by the heritage and culture of Mexico on land and sea!

Nature and Wildlife in the Sea

While sailing along the coast, you'll witness the best of nature and wildlife in the sea. These sights are something that few can say they’ve experienced. During mating season, schools of male manta rays launch themselves into the air and splash back into the sea in hopes of attracting a mate. Imagine witnessing this up close and personal. These creatures are astonishing. They can weigh up to several thousand pounds and have a wing span up to 25 feet.

Manta Ray During Mating Season

As you peer out onto the sea, you will notice these beautiful manta rays launching into the air from a distance. From afar, you may think they are fish. You may pause and wonder if there is a species of fish that fly, especially fish of this size. As you watch in awe, you may say to yourself: This is something one would only see on the Discovery Channel.

Beaches of Cabo San Lucas

While on land, take a relaxing stroll down the beach. You’ll never want to leave. You'll see endless views of beautiful coastline! With miles and miles of shoreline along the Baja Peninsula, there are so many beautiful beaches to enjoy! There are certainly areas along the shore where the waters are calm and pleasant. You’ll experience these calmer conditions as you travel toward San Jose, at Chileno Bay Beach, and in the opposite direction toward downtown Cabo San Lucas at Medano Beach.

If you happen to be traveling with a spouse or significant other, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the romantic beaches of Cabo during sunset. As you’re walking and listening to the soothing sound of the waves, feel free to stop by one of the many spas for a seaside massage. Combine the smell of the ocean air with the gentle sound of the waves, and you have the perfect evening! Oh, and a relaxing massage right on the shore of the Sea of Cortez!

The Wild Coast

If you decide to spend the night ashore, there are numerous lodging options to choose from when visiting Cabo San Lucas. These options range from all-inclusive resorts to campsites. Definitely choose an option that’s on the coast. You won’t be disappointed! As mentioned, there are miles and miles of coastline, with endless hotels to choose from. If it's in the budget, try an oceanfront room with a wonderful view of the Sea of Cortez. During high tide, you'll literally feel the vibration of the waves as they crash against the shore! The power of the waves are so formidable, they rattle the hotel room windows. Falling asleep to the sound and smell of the Sea of Cortez is an unforgettable experience!

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Don’t forget the Mexican cuisine! Undoubtedly, you must experience the Mexican cuisine while on this epic adventure. Imagine an omelet station with an endless array of fresh vegetables, meats and cheese to choose from. Top off your omelet with a choice of freshly made salsas and hot sauces! If you're feeling like something sweet, check out all the wonderful and colorful assortment of dessert style breads, locally baked pastries, homemade tortillas, fresh tropical fruits, and freshly squeezed papaya juice.

Colonial Mexico

From the Aztec ruins to the Alamo, the architectural style of the hotels, homes, and buildings display all the beauty of classic Mexico. Even the newer modern-style hotels display a flair of ancient Aztec culture. When sailing up and down the coast, you can’t help but notice all the beautiful buildings, new and old. You'll have no doubt that you are in Mexico. If you want to see Mexican architecture that truly represents traditional Mexican culture and heritage, visit Old San Jose. You won't be disappointed.

The Gateway to the Southern Tip of the Baja Peninsula

The city of San Jose del Cabo would most likely be considered the gateway to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula for those traveling in by air. If you decide to sail to the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, then the airport isn't a concern, of course. The airport is quite modern. There are several major airlines that fly into Los Cabos International Airport. You can also find several very ultra-low-cost airlines. Many offer non-stop flights, which makes flying in from the U.S. West Coast quick and easy. Uber is not available at the airport, but it is available for hire up and down the coast. Of course, car rentals are always available. It is advised to arrange transportation with a transportation company prior to arrival. The reservation choices range from private cars and SUVs to shared shuttles. Whether traveling to Baja by air or by sea, your sailing adventure will be one that you'll never forget!

Your adventure begins once you arrive. Planning is easy and fun, so do not procrastinate. Stay for 2 days or 10. The experience will be unforgettable, regardless of the choice. The culture you will see and feel is a blend of Spanish, native, and other cultures. The history goes back to the Spanish explorers who sailed the oceans to find new lands.


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