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Kat Dierickx | 08.27.2015

More and more outdoor enthusiasts are looking for gear that is versatile, effective, and can be utilized in different realms. People are willing to pay for quality, but they expect durability and multi-use functionality in return. That’s why, despite their relatively higher price point, we’re a big fan of the Originals, Oregon-sewn pants that are, in terms of adventure and lifestyle needs, a “quiver of one.”

The Originals are made by Portland-based men's apparel company, Thunderbolt Sportswear using the advanced Dryskin softshell fabric made by Switzerland’s Schoeller Textiles, and then sewn and assembled in Oregon. The pants perform like a softshell should in snow, wind, and rain, protecting your legs and allowing your body to breathe; on the other hand, depending on your day, you won’t look out of place when you wear these pants to grab a some food after you’re done. Tough, versatile, and sharp, a pair of Originals may be all you need for pants on your next trip into the wild.  

As part of our new partnership between Thunderbolt Sportswear and Outdoor Project, Sponsored Contributors will receive 35% off of retail and Pro Contributors will receive 50% off of retail.

As a source of first-hand experiences, here are some great user testimonials:

“When you travel light and fast you are used to making choices but a pair of Thunderbolt Mark II soft-shell jeans takes one of the choices away. One pair of pants is all you need.”

“First, these are not “dad jeans.” But they do have a nice, comfy fit that silly hipster skinny jeans can’t offer. Made from stretchy Schoeller soft shell, they can deal with a little bouldering session or a hike with the pooch followed directly by a night out.”

“I could not ask for a more perfect pair of pants. Always warm on my sub-freezing walks to the car and lodge, but never uncomfortable once I'm inside. The four-way stretch allows for a range of movement unlike any pants I have owned.”

“First and foremost, they were super comfortable, dried quickly and were totally appropriate for what I was doing (i.e. paddling long hours, portaging through cane grass and over rocky, thorny terrain, lining boats in thigh to waist deep water, etc.). I was very excited about how comfortable they were. They fit well and stretched when I needed them to.”



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