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Jared Kennedy | 05.07.2014

We're excited to announce three upcoming photography classes we're teaching with Pro Photo Supply, hosted by our friends at Base Camp Brewing Co. The second class will be a field trip to Bridal Veil Falls for some live practice on capturing long-exposure waterfalls. Space is limited, so sign up for one or more of these classes today.

Outdoor Photography 201 - Saturday, May 31st @ Base Camp Brewing Co. - FREE!
Advanced Exposure Settings for Long-Exposure Photography
We’re back with the second outdoor photography class with Outdoor Project, Pro Photo Supply and Base Camp Brewing Company! Join us for a morning of bagels, coffee, cameras, and beer! We will be taking over the main tap room at Base Camp before they open—but feel free to stay for lunch and continue to talk shop over pizza, sandwiches, and more beer.

This class will provide an overview of how to use the advanced exposure modes on your camera, specifically manual mode, for making long-exposure photographs of waterfalls, rivers, ocean waves, etc.

This class is intended for beginning adventure photographers or experienced photographers looking to learn more about long-exposure photography. A camera that offers manual exposure control is highly recommended—we will not be shooting pictures for this class, but by having your camera with you, you will be better able to follow along and ask questions.

Topics covered will include:
- How aperture, shutter speed, and ISO affect exposure.
- When to use shutter priority, aperture priority, program, and manual exposure modes.
- Recommended gear for achieving great long-exposure photographs.
- The differences between wide-angle and telephoto lenses with respect to long exposures.

An optional “homework” assignment will ask you to test your new knowledge out in the field, either on your own or as part of the Outdoor Photography Field Trip on June 8th!



Outdoor Photography Field Trip - Sunday, June 8th @ Bridal Veil Falls - $50.00
Put your skills to the test! Join Pro Photo Supply and Outdoor Project on a field trip to Bridal Veil Falls to practice shooting long-exposure photographs. Instructors will be available to offer hands-on help with gear and technique. To maximize the educational value of this class for each participant, space is limited to just 10 attendees. The cost of entry includes a 50% discount at Pro Photo Supply’s Rental department, so you can bring that camera, lens, or tripod you’ve been dying to try!



Outdoor Photography Editing Session - Saturday, June 14th @ Base Camp Brewing Co. - FREE!
Now that you have the photos from your adventure, how do you edit, retouch, and display them? Join us for another Saturday morning at Base Camp Brewing Company for an overview of basic editing dos and don’ts. This is a general class, and while specific software will be demonstrated, the concepts will be universal to most major editing applications. Attendees are welcome to bring a laptop computer with their images for editing, but this is not required. Please come ready to take notes, though!

Topics covered will include:
- Organizing your photo library
- Culling your collection of photos down to the selects.
- Adjusting white balance, exposure, saturation, levels, curves, and more.
- Preparing your images for the web or print.




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