Jared Kennedy | 05.24.2014

Wednesday's Word is Deschutes - dəˈʃuːts -- duh-SHOOTS

d: 'd' in 'dye'  ə​: 'u' in 'syrup'  ˈ: primary stress follows  ʃ: 'sh' in 'shy'  uː: long 'oo' in 'food'  t: 't in 'tie'  s: 's' in 'sigh'

In contrast to Champoeg, last week's word, Deschutes does have French origins. The river was named Riviere des Chutes by French-Canadian fur trappers of the Hudson's Bay Company in the early 19th century. The name meant River of the Falls, undoubtedly because of the rapids and waterfalls found along its course.

The river lends its name to many parts of Central Oregon, and Deschutes County was created in 1916. Bend, Oregon is the county seat. The Deschutes River's headwaters flow from Little Lava Lake in the Cascade Lakes basin. It passes through downtown Bend as it flows north, eventually reaching the Columbia River near The Dalles. The river is one of Oregon's most popular rafting destinations, and it also has numerous hiking trails, waterfalls, campgrounds, swimming holes and trout fishing spots to explore.


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