Jared Kennedy | 04.25.2014

Wednesday's Word is Siuslaw​ - saɪˈjuːslɔː -- sy-YEW-slaw

s: 's' in 'sigh'  : long 'i' in 'bide'  ˈ - primary stress follows  juː: long 'u' in 'cute'  s: 's' in 'sigh'  l: 'l' in 'lie'  ɔː: 'au' in 'fraud'

Siuslaw is from the Yakonan language, sometimes grouped with the Alsean language, which was spoken by the Alsean people of the central Oregon coast. The word was a name for a locality, tribe or chief.

The Siuslaw National Forest encompasses 630,000 acres on the central Oregon coast, an area that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains of the Coast Range. Nearly 34,000 acres remains as old-growth forests in the Cummins Creek and Rock Creek wildernesses. Recreation activities include hiking, camping, mountain biking, horseback riding and exploring the tide pools along the coast.


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