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Jared Kennedy | 12.15.2014

Like many of us, you've probably found yourself wondering what the current conditions are for adventures on Outdoor Project. This is especially true for winter adventures, like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledding. Or maybe you're like my friends who went to Trillium Lake this weekend to snowshoe, only to find it was still a bit too early. With so many adventures, we aren't able to send staff for up-to-date conditions on each trail, so this is where you, the Outdoor Project Community, can help.

When you get back from an adventure, share an update by commenting on the original adventure page. This lets everyone know what the conditions were. Did you snap some photos? Even a photo with your phone can be incredibly helpful for anyone wondering if the time is ripe for an adventure. We watch for updates as they come in, and selectively share some of your comments with the greater community. 

With your comments, we all win, getting more information on current conditions. And if you are like me, this may mean having the confidence to follow through on your inspiration to get outside, versus playing it safe and staying home.


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