Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
4,779.00 ft (1,456.64 m)
Trail type
53.40 mi (85.94 km)
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The Hayduke Trail is a remote, rugged and challenging 800 mile backcountry route across Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The route leads through varied terrain from Arches to Zion. You’ll pass through all five of Utah’s national parks, as well as the Grand Canyon. The Hayduke Trail is only for experienced backpackers. Those lacking in desert hiking experience may quickly find themselves in trouble as the off trail navigation, lack of water, long food carries, general remoteness and harsh weather can pose a daunting challenge. Anyone planning a section or thru hike of the Hayduke Trail should complete adequate research beforehand and consider purchasing the official guidebook and Skurka bundle. The brief description that follows provides an overview, but is not to be solely relied upon to successfully navigate the trail.

The Kaibab Bypass Alternate is used to avoid Section 10 of the official Hayduke when snow is still too deep, which can often be the case even in spring after a heavy winter. The bypass stays considerable lower, thus avoiding any snow - although it is possible you may still run into some on just the last couple miles before the Nankoweap Trail.

One thing to note, is that there is no water until Cane Ranch. This makes for an extremely long carry. However, there should be a fair amount of recreational traffic on House Rock Road north of Highway 89A, and its possible to flag down motorists and ask for water if needed.

The Kaibab Bypass Alternate simply follows gravel roads for almost all of its length. The hiking gets more enjoyable after crossing Highway 89A, as you’ll then be following faint doubletrack through wide open fields with views for miles.

You’ll reconnect with a slightly more traveled gravel road near Cane, then follow it all the way to the Nankoweap Trailhead. Follow trail #57 as it ascends up to the North Rim. There should be flowing creeks along the trail if you are here in spring.

As you top out you’ll have the first view into the Grand Canyon, a stunning one!

This is where the alternate route ends and joins Section 11 of the official Hayduke Route.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass


Open Year-round



Avoids snow on the Kaibab Plateau.


Road walking the entire way. Long water carry.

Trailhead Elevation

4,984.00 ft (1,519.12 m)

Highest point

7,576.00 ft (2,309.16 m)


Backcountry camping
Big vistas

Typically multi-day


Permit required




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