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Angkor Wat is the largest and by far is the most visited temple in Angkor Archaeological Park. The temple is surrounded by a moat with a stone causeway (or floatation walkway while under repair) to enter the West Gate. Once through the West Gate, a vast open courtyard is before you with two complexes on either side of another stone causeway. These complexes are referred to as "libraries." Beyond the libraries are two reflecting pools. The one on the left has the most water and is consistant with the level. This is the main area where people come to watch sunrise at Angkor Wat. The temple is one of only three that are open before sunrise. Plan to get here by headlamp if you want to see the sunrise. Hundreds of people will be at this reflecting pool, and it could be dificult to get spot.

Beyond the reflecting pools is the main complex. As you step up into the next gate, look right and left to see the bas-relief panels that encircle this main complex entrance. It is a good activity when it rains. When walking through this next gate, go to the right to view one of the few remaining complete statues of Vishna at Angkor. Passing through this next gate takes you into an inner courtyard with several other smaller libraries and many Apsara carvings. Take time to walk around this courtyard for different angle and views of the temple. Few people do this, so the grass here is not worn out, and troops of macaques can be found as you walk to the east side.

There is one final gate to pass through from the west. It that takes you into a stone courtyard with more Apsara carvings adorning the inner walls. Here you can gain access to the main temple; however, access into the top temples varies based on crowds and time of day. It is a steep climb to the top, where you can find great views to the west. The towers are often closed off to visitors due to ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Take time to walk out the back (East Gates) of the main complex for a much less crowded experience and views of the temple. You can also walk out of Angkor Wat via the East Gate by way of a dirt land bridge in the moat. Some people enter this way or have their tuk tuk driver meet them at this entrance.

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