Pets allowed
Allowed with Restrictions
Elevation Gain
149.00 m (488.85 ft)
Trail type
4.00 km (2.49 mi)
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Of the many trails in Goldstream Provincial Park, the trail up to the trestle bridge is undoubtedly one of the most scenic and unique. The  bridge crosses the Niagara Creek Canyon, and it is an impressive feat of engineering for its time as well as a great spot to snap some photos and enjoy the view. Along the way hikers can take in Niagara Falls (no, not that Niagara Falls), which is perhaps even more impressive than the bridge, as well as the Goldstream Estuary and Interpretive Center and, of course, the beautiful coastal rainforest that features some incredible old-growth forest down in the valley.

From the Goldstream day use parking lot, follow the signs toward the Interpretive Center and look for the tunnel underneath the highway on the left. During low flows it’s possible to walk through the tunnel; at high flows, however, the tunnel carries a significant amount of water, and it's best to park in the pullout on the west side of the highway above the tunnel. Exiting the tunnel, take the trail on the left of the creek up 200 meters to see the falls.

Niagara Falls borrows its name from the much more famous waterfall that straddles the border of Ontario and New York, and while this waterfall is infinitely smaller by volume, it is roughly the same height as its namesake, which explains how it got its name. At the base of the waterfall is a deep pool with a small creek running out of it. This waterfall seems to carry much less water than the waterfall feeding it, which suggests that the pool likely has an underground exit flowing into the nearby Goldstream Estuary. The waterfall is certainly worth the short detour on the way up to the trestle bridge, or for those who don’t wish to climb the steep trail up the the bridge, Niagara Falls can be a destination in itself.

After a visit to the waterfall, return toward the highway and look for a steep trail up the side of the valley on the left, just before the entrance to the tunnel. From here the trail up to the bridge is easy to follow. It crosses the creek once just above the falls and continues to climb steeply for approximately 800 meters up the to trestle bridge.

The Goldstream Trestle Bridge crosses high above the Niagara Creek and offers some pretty nice views of the estuary, Mount Finlayson, and the surrounding area. The bridge is part of the Esquimalt-Nanaimo Rail Line and is not currently not in use, but there are plans to resume passenger and freight service in the future. It is illegal and dangerous to walk out onto the bridge, which has unevenly spaced slats and no railings. That being said, many hikers take the risk and walk out to the middle of the bridge to see the view anyhow. Trespassing on the bridge could result in fines or even death, so it is not recommended.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass

Not Required


Beautiful old-growth trees. Nice waterfall. Great views.


Illegal and dangerous to walk on the bridge.

Trailhead Elevation

26.25 ft (8.00 m)


Historically significant
Bird watching
Big vistas
Old-growth forest


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