Women in the Wild is a movement that recognizes the amazing women who enrich the outdoor community with their passions, inspirations, and accomplishments. Outdoor Project is proud to grow this campaign in 2019 with the help of guest editor and 2018 #womaninthewild Georgina Miranda, adventurer, entrepreneur, mountaineer, and founder and CEO of She Ventures. We're proud to open our platform once again for the incredible stories and photography of women throughout our community. From in-depth interviews with outdoor advocates, influencers, and athletes to female-focused content from the community, Women in the Wild 2019 aims to amplify the voice of women in celebration of female fortitude, strength, and camaraderie in the outdoors.

For a complete list of content published in correlation with Women in the Wild 2019, visit Women in the Wild 2019: Amplifying Women in the Outdoors.

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Engineer, diversity consultant, humanitarian, athlete, coach, aspiring astronaut, #womeninthewild
Carpe Diem Professional, big mountain freeskier, bush pilot, #womeninthewild
Big mountain skier, first to ski the Seven Summits, 2015 National Geographic Explorer of the Year, mother, #womeninthewild
Marine social ecologist, surfer, photojournalist, storyteller, waterwoman, #womaninthewild
Climber, cancer survivor, amputee, founder of Adaptive Climbing Group, #womeninthewild