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rini sugianto | 08.02.2018

Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Pole Specs

  • Weight
    • 100 cm: 11.4 oz/pair
    • 110 cm: 12.1 oz/pair
    • 120 cm: 12.8 oz/pair
    • 130 cm: 13.4 oz/pair
  • Collapsed lengths
    • 100 cm: 13 inches
    • 110 cm: 14 inches
    • 120 cm: 16 inches
    • 130 cm: 17 inches
  • Lightweight, EVA foam grip with breathable, moisture-wicking grip and non-slip EVA foam mini-grip extension
  • Aluminum construction and three-section foldable design with speed-cone deployment
  • Interchangeable, non-scarring rubber Tech Tips and carbide Tech Tips
  • Stopper basket with shaft catcher to secure folded sections

Where to get it : 

The bottom line: The Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles are a versatile and lightweight pole for hikers and trail runners. 

For the longest time I avoided using trekking poles while running, but ever since I started doing ultra marathons and found out about this lightweight pole, I'm hooked! The poles are easy to store in most running packs, although the shorter ones might have a harder time in some packs. One of the most attractive features of these poles are their weight; because they are so light, most of the time you won't even notice that they are in your pack. 

They are also easy to deployed and packed. I was a little skeptical about purchasing fixed-length poles because I was so used an adjustable models. But the fixed length actually never really bothered me, and I've tested the pole in many different types of terrain. I did make one adjustment, however. Based on Black Diamond's recommendation, I was supposed to use 110-centimeter poles (I am 5 feet, 3 inches ),  but after took them on a hike, I actually opted for a 100-centimeter poles. I feel that 110 centimeters is just slightly too long for climbing steep hills, and 100 centimeters is great for running downhill for me. I do understand that this might be just a personal preference. 

Even though the poles are marketed for trail runners and hikers, I actually used them while mountaineering and hiking in the snow, too. Having lightweight poles can be really handy on downhill sections as they help to add overall stability. 

Overall, the Black Diamond Distance Z poles are a great piece of equipment and worth carrying, because you never know when you may need them.


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