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Shaun Hunter | 10.22.2019

LocTote Flak Sack II specs

  • Capacity: 13 Liters
  • Weight: 2 Lbs.
  • Security Features: Slash and abrasion resistant Flaknit proprietary fabric, cut-resistant straps, reinforced strap with combination lock to allow for securing to a fixed object, RFID-blocking inner pocket


Where To Buy

$129.00 • Amazon

The Bottom Line: The Flak Sack II by LocTote was created to make an easy-to-carry backpack that would keep its contents as safe as possible. To this end, the Flak Sack II has combined a propriety fabric that is virtually cut or slash proof. The inside of the pack contains an RFID-shielding inner pocket to protect against virtual thieves. Plus, the pack can be locked onto a fixed object and left while the wearer steps away.


The LocTote Flak Sack can be locked to a railing, like at this cenote in the Yucatan. Shaun Hunter.

We got the LocTote Flak Sack II for a trip to Mexico. For a trip to a foreign country while carrying our wallet, passport, and camera with us, we preferred to minimize the risk should we encounter someone with less than ethical ideas in mind.

Security experts agree that no security features are foolproof, just as a bank safe is not created to be indestructible. Such measures intend to slow down a thief long enough for someone else to respond before anything can be stolen. This idea is at play with the LocTote. Made of slash-proof fabrics and straps, a sensible thief will target bags that are easier to break. The same is true of the included combination lock, although not made of indestructible materials, whose combination can be custom-set by the user. Realizing the bag is locked securely to a fixed object will much more likely lead a thief to look elsewhere for an easier target.

The LocTote Flak Sack II straps are comprised of sets of double ropes that tighten and cinch the top opening together. A small clasp allows the straps to be buttoned together across the wearer's sternum for comfort and to strongly reduce the possibility of the bag being physically pulled off of the wearer. The Flak Sack's 13-liter capacity is sizable enough to carry a 13-inch laptop computer, and it fit a DSLR camera with no issues. An inner RFID-shielding pocket allows for carrying sensitive chips and cards without the worry about someone scanning for these. Again, usually not an actual threat, but it's far better to protect against it and never need actually need it than to wish that you had in hindsight.

While there really aren't many situations where you'll be leaving your bag unattended, we did find this useful while visiting the beach and swimming holes. Rather than just setting it down on the sand or a nearby rock, we could strap and lock it onto a tree or fence railing and worry a lot less about our stuff. The locking straps could also be used to secure the bag shut and affix it to something inside your car while you leave it, which adds an extra feeling of protection in those what-if scenarios.

The bag itself is comfortable, and it has enough inside sleeves and pockets to keep different papers and objects organized. My only issues while using my LocTote were that the shoulder straps were not adjustable, and that the one-size-fits-all length tended to hang a little low on me, even with the straps cinched together on my chest. Also, the locking strap is only long enough to lock around objects no larger than a thick pole. On a few occasions, I would have to seek out a thinner tree branch or post to lock to while I swam, though this shorter length also acts to prevent anyone from opening the bag while it is locked to something, so this feature is understandable.

I remember on my first trip overseas, I was about 19 years old and backpacking through Italy. At a busy train station, I remember watching as people would follow unassuming tourists, unzipping their bulky bags and pulling out their contents and disappearing into the crowd quickly while the tourists continued on their way completely unaware of what had just happened. These days, the thought of losing my passport or notepad or phone while traveling makes me anxious. While no security is completely reliable, chances are that if someone were looking to take advantage, a degree of protection would likely encourage that person to direct their sights elsewhere. To this end, the security features of my LocTote Flak Sack are something that will hopefully never be necessary. But should they ever be, it's a good bit of insurance that reduces one's chance of becoming a victim.


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