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Shane Kucera | 10.25.2018

Snow Peak Ti-Double 450 Mug Product specs

  • 14 oz liquid capacity
  • 2.4 oz weight
  • Double-wall build stops overheating or sweating of mug with hot and cold
  • Folding handles

Where to get it for $49.95 - $59.95

The Bottom Line: If you're looking for a lightweight, well-built and insulated mug that will likely last you your lifetime, this is it. 

Snow Peak Ti-Double 450 Mug. Photo by Shane Kucera.

Chances are, the Snow Peak Ti-Double 450 Mug will quickly become your favorite drinking vessel. It's perfectly suited for backpacking and camping trips, but it's also just so well made that I find myself using it for the occasional whiskey or coffee around the house.

Getting down to the details, a $50 mug might sound like a steep price to pay, but it's worth it. Thanks to the double-wall construction, the titanium outside wall is never hot or cold to the touch due to the contents inside. Go ahead and pour in a scalding oatmeal mix or an iced coffee, and it doesn't matter how you hold it. The mug always feels room temperature to the touch. This is especially helpful in those hiking and mountaineering situations where you just don't have a lot of flat surfaces or extra's just easier to transfer hot liquids/contents from your stove to a mug without having to worry about a thing. 

Highlighting the long-term value of this pricey mug, the titanium is fully corrosion-resistant. I've taken this product on well over 50 camping and backpacking trips, and it still looks like new, minus a few very minimal dents. And in regards to the dents, you may be concerned that double-walls are thinner so are more-easily damaged, but you just have to hold it to understand that it's a very durable construction. From being smashed into my pack to banging around against all sorts of rocks, grates and grills, my Snow Peak mug has withstood the wear exceptionally well. The company doesn't advertise the titanium as scratch resistant, but it definitely seems to be that way. 

In addition, the handles on this mug are great because they collapse down to minimize space or pop out for easier control of a pour. Compared to some other options like a Yeti Tumbler, the Snow Peak comes in at a fraction of the weight, and the extra flexibility of the handles makes it simply more functional in the outdoors. 

In short, you want to add this product to your birthday list if you don't have one. Additionally, I suggest pairing this mug with the Insulation Lid ($5.95) to cut down on spills and heat loss, as well as getting a Titanium Spork ($9.95) for eating that hot meal from your mug.


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