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Amber McDaniel | 09.23.2019

Teva Ember Moc Product Specs

  • Ripstop vamp fabric with quilted stitch pattern
  • Ultra-durable polyester toe bumper
  • Stylish but minimal suede accents
  • Stretchy and soft rib knit cuff
  • Six color options for women, five color options for men
  • Convertible (aka collapsible) neoprene heel counter
  • Water resistant treated upper
  • PU footbed cushion overlaying moldable EVA foam midsole
  • Full 1/4 in. rubber outsole 
  • 7.5 oz. for each shoe (15 oz. per pair)

Where to Buy

$75.00 • REI | Backcountry | Amazon

The bottom line: “Part sneaker, part sleeping bag,” the Teva Ember Mocs are designed to transition seamlessly between indoor and outdoor use. With synthetic fiber filling, a water-repellant ripstop quilted upper, and thick sticky rubber outsole, these durable and burly slippers are designed to shield the foot against cold, wet, and rocky ground.


The Teva Ember Moc is perfect for planning adventures. Amber McDaniel.

Road warriors rejoice! The Teva Ember Moc is a comfortable yet durable shoe designed for all-around adventure. Speaking as a full-time van dweller and dirtbag climber, the Teva Ember Moc is a quintessential piece of my necessarily minimalist van closet. When you only have space for so many shoes, versatility is key.

Out of the shoes I do own, the Ember Mocs see the most use (though it may be a toss-up between them and my climbing shoes). I wear them for driving, lounging in and around the van, running errands, and even on close, easy climbing approaches.

The collapsible heel counter is by far the best feature on the shoe. When pulled up around the heel cup, it firmly secures the slipper so it doesn’t slip around on the foot like many slippers are prone to do. That enables it to perform well even in semi-active situations. Whether walking the dog, grabbing the mail, or going on a post-coffee log-finding adventure, they can handle it.

To convert the shoe into a slip-on slide, the neoprene heel turns around and collapses practically flat beneath the heel. No bulky feeling or bunching. I tend to use the slippers in their slide form most often, especially for those sleepy midnight runs to the outhouse.

The insulation is effective without being oppressively hot. These slippers are just as suitable for winter as summer. In my van, the floor is the least insulated surface area, so anything below 50 degrees is cold. It’s what inspired me to buy these slippers in the first place. They perfectly stave off that toe-numbing chill, but they don’t make my feet sweat excessively in the heat. They’re like the perfect all-season puffer for your feet!

When shopping for van slippers, I came across a few outdoor companies that made similar things. The problem was that other outdoor slippers looked like, well, slippers! Super cozy maybe, but probably a little embarrassing to grocery shop in. The Ember Moc has a sleek look and downright stylish design in a whole battery of earthy colors that go well with most outfits. You can wear them in public without anyone actually knowing you’re wearing slippers. I, for one, am all about disguising how little effort I put into my wardrobe.

For those who want even more flare to their feet, Teva makes variations of the Ember Moc that include the Ember Moc Velvet and the Southwest-printed Ember Moc Canyon.

They’re also super easy to clean, which is an important feature for an outdoor shoe that needs to be clean for indoor use. The coated upper serves as a great dirt barrier, and when it does get a little dirty it’s so easy to handwash with either just a wet paper towel or, if a little dirtier, a tiny bit of hand soap and a toothbrush as Teva recommends. The small suede accent overlay in the inside of the feet are the only parts that look dingy with use and don’t clean up super well. Fortunately, you can hardly see them.

All in all, is the Teva Ember Moc the best choice for thru-hiking or ultralight backpacking? Probably not. Weighing in at almost a pound and not super compressible, they’re not exactly the best for extremely limited travel space. I never take them backpacking, in fact. But for car camping, vanlife, and general casual outdoor wear, I can’t think of any better shoe on the market.

Comfortable and durable, the Teva Ember Mocs are perfect for the tent, the trail, and (mostly) everything in between.


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