Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
802.00 m (2,631.23 ft)
Trail type
19.00 km (11.81 mi)
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The Majella National Park is one of the wildest in Italy. Those who venture on this hiking trail will enjoy unforgettable views. Indeed, this hike is rated one of the most beautiful in Central Italy. The path is not always clear, however, so be sure to keep track of your location and bring a map and compass or a GPS.

The trail starts from Rifugio Bruno Pomilio (1888 meters) and crosses the field on its left side. After the first 50 meters it becomes a paved pedestrian road that leads to the Blockhouse, the first landmark of the trail. This used to be a barracks for soldiers fighting the local bandits who used to populate this massif. Once you reach this first crossroad, head right; the path becomes earthy again, and a thick bush of ubiquitous mountain pines begins.

When you reach Fonte di Sella Acquaviva (where you can refill your water bottles), turn left and take a trail that runs through an even thicker bush of mountain pines. Note: Do not keep going straight following a more evident trail. Keep walking until you meet a short section equipped with iron cables that will help you to cross an exposed section of the trail. 

After a few hundred meters on a clear path, turn left into a less evident trail that crosses the stony ground, flanks a big wall, and crosses Passo della Capra. Then keep following the trail to the summit, Cima delle Murelle (2,596 meters). 

The rest of the trail is rather evident, leading to Bivacco Fusco, another landmark, and then all the way down to Fonte di Sella Acquaviva again, where it rejoins with its first section.

During the hike you may see numerous colonies of chamois and meadow mushrooms that are typical of this area. Some precious little iciciles can be found on the trail when the weather starts to get cold in fall.

It's a rather long hike, so make sure to have an early start. The atmosphere is magical, and you can experience the Majella in all its beauty and wilderness.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Not Required


Great views. Stunning landscapes. Wildlife.


Wayfinding can be a challenge.

Trailhead Elevation

6,213.91 ft (1,894.00 m)


Historically significant
Big vistas



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