Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
269.00 ft (81.99 m)
Trail type
5.60 mi (9.01 km)
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The Kwis Kwis Trail, named after the sound made by chipmunks, was completed in 2014, and it can only be accessed from points along the Fort to Sea Trail. However, its completion allows those hiking a portion or all of the Fort to Sea Trail to create a loop and return on a different path than they used to hike in. 

An additional benefit is that the Kwis Kwis Trail accesses the Fort to Sea Trail at several different points, allowing those hikers or trail runners who use it to choose a hiking length better suited to their desires.

Accessing the trail from nearer Fort Clatsop, the Kwis Kwis weaves through former logging land, and some unbelievably large stumps line the path. The path remains wide and very well marked over its course. At about 1.5 miles you'll reach a spur trail signed "Kwis Kwis Trail" that will soon rejoins the Fort to Sea Trail. However, if you take the fork signed "Kwis Extension," you will climb and drop through the deep forest, proceeding for another 1.3 miles before emerging down a slope and onto a footbridge that crosses a wetlands pond. 

At the trail's western terminus you will have the option of retracing your route, returning on the Fort to Sea Trail about 3.5 miles back to the Fort Clatsop Trailhead, or continuing west on the Fort to Sea Trail about 2.8 miles to the Sunset Beach parking area.

The Kwis Kwis Trail begins about .25 miles into the Fort to Sea Trail from the Fort Clatsop Trailhead, which is located at the southwestern end of the first parking lot, signed as RV parking, inside the Fort Clatsop Monument. A $3 parking fee, payable inside the fort's visitor center, applies.

The westernmost access to the Kwis Kwis Trail is located about .4 miles from where the Fort to Sea Trail tunnel passes beneath Highway 101. Note that there is only a bicycle rack here and no space for car parking.

All parking area gates are open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Parking Pass

General Day Use Fee


Allows loop options of varying lengths. Solitude.


Both the beginning and end of trail require some hiking on the Fort to Sea Trail.

Trailhead Elevation

52.00 ft (15.85 m)


Historically significant


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