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Snorkeling / SCUBA
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Playa La Mina is an exquisite cove beach in Paracas National Reserve, with gentle blue waves lapping on pockets of sand tucked among multicolored cliffs. It looks like the setting of a Survivor episode or a postcard for an exotic getaway. It's no wonder that La Mina is the most popular beach in the reserve.

Not every beach in Paracas is good for swimming, but La Mina is. The natural harbor of cliffs makes for calm waters and a sandy floor. Some rocks stick out of the sand, but you can generally see where they are. The water tends to get deep quite fast, however, so it's best to stay close to shore.

This beach is not very large, and can get quite crowded, especially on weekends during the Peruvian summer (December to April) when locals like to cool off. It remains popular with tourists throughout the year, but it's still possible to find it all to yourself. Come early in the day if possible, before the tour buses arrive. You can get there by bike, taxi, or private car. There is no additional fee after paying to enter Paracas National Reserve.

Small snack shops usually operate near the restrooms and parking lot, but all facilities may be closed during winter or on weekdays. Take time to read the informative signs near the parking lot and along the walkway to the beach. They explain a bit about wildlife, geology, and history in the area, like coal mines on the beach that gave La Mina its name.

If you arrive at Playa La Mina and find it too crowded, or want something more once you've seen it, check out Playa El Raspon, another lovely beach just next door. Note that these two sites are day use only. If you want to camp on the beach, nearby Playa Yumaque is your best option.

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Open Year-round



Beautiful cove beach. Wildlife and birdwatching.


Small area. Can get crowded.

Pets allowed

Allowed with Restrictions


Family friendly
Flushing toilets
Geologically significant
Historically significant
Big vistas
Tide pools
Bird watching



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