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The Nazca Lines are the famous giant-sized drawings in the earth near Nazca, Peru. These designs, known as geoglyphs, were created by native people approximately 2,000 years ago. They are mysterious because, although they could have been made with simple technology, the figures can only be seen from high in the air. So what purpose did they serve? The debate is ongoing. You can see for yourself at the observation tower.

The best way to witness the lines is from an airplane, but tours are a bit pricey, and not everyone likes to fly in small planes. An alternative is to stop by this tower, located right along the highway about 25 kilometers north of Nazca. Climb the stairs for a view of the Tree and the Hands, two independent figures named for what they look like. These two are small compared to some of the geoglyphs you could see from the air, but they are impressive nonetheless. The vantage over the surrounding landscape is pretty great as well. The vastness and flatness of this desert is almost unbelievable. Try to imagine what it was like for people to live here on a nearly waterless landscape, and spend enough time on the parched plains to dig these figures into the dirt.

The tower is usually attended and charges a small admission fee. It's an easy stop along the highway. If you don't have your own transportation, a taxi can take you there from Nazca, or you can stop there as part of a longer guided tour through the area.

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