Pets allowed
Not Allowed
Elevation Gain
220.00 m (721.78 ft)
Trail type
5.50 km (3.42 mi)
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Vintgar Gorge, or Blejski Vintgar in Slovenian, is a stunning 1.6-kilometer one-way hike along well-maintained boardwalks that criss-cross over the beautiful clear waters of the Radovna River at the edge of Triglav National Park. Nestled in a striking gorge, the cliff-walking boardwalks are a fantastic adventure accompaniment to well-known and iconic destinations at Lake Bled.

Located 5 kilometers northwest of Bled, you can take a car or €1 shuttle from Bled to the entrance, but it is also a perfectly reasonable walk, especially for those who might want a little more physical activity on top of the gentle hike. Walking tends to be better because you won’t face the hassle of full parking lots at the gorge entrance.

Upon arrival, you’ll need to pay a €5 entrance fee (€2.5 for children) at a wooden hut just beside the trail. Keep in mind that while the trail is open year round, it is only open during the day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The best times to visit are early or late in the day to avoid crowds and to catch those magical hours of light. The canyon is especially beautiful within the first hour of opening when the morning fog still hangs over the river waters, giving a positively eerie vibe to the place. The canyon transforms in front of your eyes as the fog lifts.

The moment you step onto the boardwalks, you will immediately be surrounded by lush greenery creeping down the 100-meter rock walls on either side of the Gorge. Follow the boardwalks deeper into the canyon, zigzagging over the bright emerald green or aquamarine water. The water's color depends on the light.

While traveling these narrow boardwalks, be aware of other visitors and be courteous of others taking photos and enjoying the natural landscape. Especially in peak season of July and August, where congestion can be extreme, be patient and remember there’s no time limit or rush to get to the other side.

As you near the end of the canyon, the river widens and the main boardwalk turns into dirt pathways. Down on the riverbank, now much more easily accessible, you’ll notice hoards of little cairns scattered around. As picturesque as they may be, please do not add to the collection. Cairns built for any purpose besides trail marking is actually considered a form of natural graffiti, and moving the stones disrupts the naturally ecology of the river. Take photos of those already there, but respect the canyon and don’t add your own.

A large stone arch bridge that still supports an active railroad track marks the end of the hike. You’ll soon see a ticket booth and a small cafe. From here, take an extremely short 60-meter detour to the Sum Slap (Slovenian for "waterfall") just beyond the cafe.

To make it back to the entrance, you have two options: Make a full circuit by looping around Hom mountain, or double back through Vintgar Gorge. Make a full circuit by following the trail that curves right immediately after the exit of the gorge with the word "Bled" painted on the left tree. This is a nice longer option for those who want different scenery on their return. Otherwise, your ticket allows all-day entrance to Vintgar Gorge, so feel free to take advantage of it and hike back the way you came. The canyon is just as lovely going the opposite way, and it gives you perspective on things you might have missed.

Logistics + Planning

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Parking Pass

Park entrance fee

Open Year-round



Short hike. Easy access. Easy terrain. Spectacular sights.


Crowded. Touristy.

Trailhead Elevation

1,968.50 ft (600.00 m)

Highest point

2,145.67 ft (654.00 m)


Near lake or river
Family friendly

Typically multi-day


Permit required




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