Pets allowed
Elevation Gain
6,935.00 ft (2,113.79 m)
Trail type
15.60 mi (25.11 km)
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This hike along the Alpstein Geological Path includes views of four different countries as well as several different types of landscapes from the vast farmland of Liechtenstein to the dramatic Kreuzberge mountains. The Geological Path itself is a 16-kilometer trail that starts at the Hoher Kasten summit and ends at Brulisau. However, the hike detailed here adds the hike from Brulisau to Hoher Kasten as well as an excursion to Mutschen Peak, bringing the total mileage to 25-kilometers. Scattered along the geological path there are signs (in German) about geological features of the region.

The hike begins in Brülisau at the gondola station. There is limited free parking there in addition to paid overflow parking. You can also take the bus to Brülisau, Kastenbahn. From here, follow the yellow sign toward Hoher Kasten. At around 2 kilometers you will reach Ruhesitz, where the trail splits. There are three paths up to the summit; the shortest takes another hour and a half. The yellow signs will point you in the correct direction.

Near the summit (at 3.86 kilometers) you will reach a trail junction. There is a short out-and-back (about 15 minutes each way) to get to the summit of Hoher Kasten. Note that there is no free drinking water here, so be prepared.

From that junction follow the trail back along the ridge to Saxer Lucke. The trail undulates as you pass peaks like Glogger and Stauberenkanzel. At Stauberenkanzel there is a gondola station and a small restaurant; again, they do not have water for hikers.

When you reach Saxer Lucke (the "Saxer" gap), you have excellent views of the Kreuzberge (Chrüzberg) mountains. Here there is an out-and-back option to visit Mutschen, which is recommended if you have time. The path leads uphill about 2.4 kilometers to the Mutschensattel, where you will turn left onto a short but steep trail to the summit. The summit is quite small with steep drops, but it offers amazing 360-degree views.

After heading back to Saxer Lucke, follow the trail north down into the valley toward Bollenwees. Here there is a hut where hikers can stay overnight. You can refill water here in the bathrooms (with flushing toilets!). Also, be sure to walk down to the Fählensee, which is a beautiful mountain lake.

The trail then leads back through the valley to Plattenbödeli and Pfannenstiel. Most of the hike is along a gravel road now, but near Plattenbödeli you can opt for a short trail section that leads nearby the road. Just look for the yellow signs and follow them towards Brülisau, where the hike ends.

Enjoy the hike through this fantastic area!


  • You can skip the trip to Mutschen, which saves perhaps two and a half hours and about 4.8 kilometers.
  • You can take the gondola up to Hoher Kasten rather than hiking, which saves about two and a half hours and about 4 kilometers.
  • You can easily split this into a two-day hike by staying overnight at the Berggasthaus Bollenwees. There are also a few other huts nearby (Roslenalphütte, Berggasthaus Staubern), but be sure to check the open months online.
  • Check the Switzerland Mobility hiking maps for further information while planning your hike or for printing maps.

Logistics + Planning

Preferable season(s)




Parking Pass


Open Year-round


Open from

June 01 to September 30


Fantastic views of Swiss Alps, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Several options for dining and overnight stays.


Hoher Kasten and nearby trails can be busy.

Trailhead Elevation

2,997.00 ft (913.49 m)

Highest point

6,961.94 ft (2,122.00 m)


Near lake or river
Flushing toilets
Potable water
Big vistas
Geologically significant

Typically multi-day


Permit required




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