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Jonathan Stull | 02.19.2017

A weekend getaway that’s a favorite among locals in the San Bernardino area in winter and summer alike, Lake Arrowhead offers access to open waters and forest hideaways. The lake is private, and those willing to pay the access fee will be able to use the lake’s waters—a worthwhile price to pay for those who seek calmer waters in the height of summer. In the winter, snows transform the peaks of the San Bernardino Mountains into a winter playground, and with several ski resorts in the area and countless trails to snowshoe, the area of Arrowhead Lake is sure to allure winter adventurers looking for a weekend escape. Book a stay with one of the lakeside resorts or cozy up in one of the nearby cabins, and be sure to check out one of these reasons to visit the beautiful Arrowhead Lake.

  1. Drive the scenic Rim of the World Highway: Just getting to Arrowhead Lake is an adventure of its own. The route to Arrowhead Lake along Highway 18 traverses the San Bernardino Mountains, offering a peaceful and scenic drive in the pine forests and mountain passes. Each twist and turn of the highway brings new and broad vistas of San Bernardino and the rest of the Inland Empire as the route dives ever deeper into the mountains and the outdoor adventures therein. The drive itself is part of the thrill—an escape from the everyday.
  2. Winter play: Arrowhead Lake is close to several ski resorts that offer skiing and snowboarding, including Snow Valley, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, and Rim Nordic, most offering terrain for every type and skill level of skier. Snowshoers will find the trails of the San Bernardinos snowed over and ready for the hiking, including the Pine Knot Trail, a 7-mile trail with the option for backcountry exploration for those who have the navigation skills. And be sure to stop off at the Aspen Glen Picnic Area while you’re on your way out for some sledding at the end of the day.
  3. Go explore fire lookouts: Many of the fire lookouts in the San Bernardino Mountains close for the duration of the winter, with the exception of the Morton Peak Fire Lookout Tower, which sits at a lower elevation than others in the network. And while the lookouts aren’t generally available for reservation, they are an interesting look into the way that California’s wild land administrators protect Southern California from the wildfires that plague the region at the end of every summer. Check out Strawberry Peak Lookout Tower or the Keller Peak Fire Lookout Tower.
  4. Hike along Deep Creek: Hikes along Deep Creek are scenic, and offer hikers the opportunity to dip into waters of varying degrees. Deep Creek Hot Springs offers three pools for hot-water soaking in the shade of cottonwoods, while Aztec Falls Swimming Hole offers a 40-foot cliff to dive from.
  5. Plan a visit to Lake Gregory Regional Park: For those looking for a bit of a thrill to accompany their float, head to Lake Gregory Regional Park. Its large waterpark offers diving platforms, nozzles, slides, and paddle boats to enjoy during the hot summer months. Similarly, those looking to strike out onto the lake’s waters without having to pay a fee will find stand-up paddleboards and motorboats for rent.


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