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Tyson Gillard | 01.15.2014

It’s just my humble opinion that three day weekends are the best holidays of the year.  No responsibilities, no obligations-- Just opportunities and adventures.  Combine a three day weekend with four days of PTO, and you’ve got a full week to find yourself, your friends, and experiences you’ve never had before.

As the Outdoor Project's mission spreads to new regions and the community grows, I couldn't wait for an excuse to take off for a week and share my Idaho.  The plan was minimal, simple, and open to adaptation. 

What started as an idea to rendezvous with friends at Idaho’s “climbing mecca” led to a highway-jumping scavenger hunt through south central Idaho.  From the Magic Valley to the Sawtooth Mountains, our list of adventures grew as we explored-- and came to include hot springs, thunderstorms, swimming holes, rock climbs, paddle trips, new acquaintances, chance encounters with old friends, ice cold Outlaw IPA, and homemade ice cream cake.

But that’s what Idaho is—a place with so much beauty, and best experienced without a plan.


Ahhh, I can't believe I've never been to any of these choice destinations... particularly City of Rocks. Thanks for sharing Andrew!
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