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Tyson Gillard | 05.24.2016

Live in Salt Lake City? If so, you're lucky...but, you probably already knew that. Sitting at 4,300 feet, Salt Lake City is nestled in the westward shadow of Utah's incredible Wasatch Mountains. The craggy peaks rise upwards of 8,000 feet above the city, making the Mormon capital also the winter ski capital of the U.S. An astonishing 14 ski resorts are in the vicinity, giving the town its "Ski City" nickname.

The vertical relief that's good for skiing makes the metro area a haven for mountain bikers as well. The Wasatch host countless miles of incredible singletrack and tram-accessed monster downhill rides that will get the heart-beating, but the city itself is becoming a burgeoning playground of precision crafted freeride parks...places where your inner child will take over and you'll want to play all day!

So, whether you're a local or visiting, here's a short list of 17 rides that exemplify the fun and diversity of Salt Lake City's mountain biking scene.

North of Town

Central Wasatch + Park City

​Provo/Utah Lake Area


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